Jordan Fisher Runs Into The Arrowverse As Bart Allen For The Flash’s 150th Episode

Broadway star Jordan Fisher joins CW's The Flash as Bart Allen, AKA Impulse, for the series' 150th episode.
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CW’s The Flash is running closer to its 150th episode this season, and Jordan Fisher will join as a fun surprise for fans.

Impulse, also know as Bart Allen, is the future son of Barry (played by Grant Gustin) and Iris-West Allen (played by Candice Patton). Impulse will be quite the speedster, someone who is tough to slow down and who has to learn patience in order to help the team and his folks stop a big-time threat.


The show has found its Bart Allen through Broadway star Jordan Fisher. Fisher is known for his role in Netflix’s To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. Fisher has been other shows like Liv and Maddie and The Secret Life of The American Teenager. As for musicals, he has previously starred in Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen.

Jordan Fisher Adds To Bart Allen’s Legacy

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This will be the second live-action appearance of the character, as Bart Allen was introduced in CW’s Smallville, where he was played by Kyle Gallener. That version had him as the speedster who ran alongside Clark Kent and was a member of the budding Justice League.

This will be the second future child to appear on the live action show, as viewers remember meeting Nora Allen AKA XS (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy) during the show’s 4th season finale and then watching her flourish in the 5th season. Nora was erased from the show by the creation of a new timeline, and when that happened it left a hole in her parents’ hearts in the beginning of the 6th season.

It will be interesting to see how Barry and Iris and the team deal with another future child entering the present (or past, in their case). Not to mention that the character Jordan Fisher is playing originated as a grandson of Barry and Iris, much like the XS moniker previously belonged to their granddaughter. Will Bart and Nora be the new Tornado Twins, or is Bart replacing Nora?

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Source: Variety


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