Green Lantern Corps: Sinestro Described As “Warrior Monk” In New Detailed Character Breakdown

A new description gives insight into how Sinestro will play into the Green Lantern Corps series for HBO Max.
Green Lantern Corps Sinestro

A new description gives insight into how Sinestro will play into the Green Lantern Corps series for HBO Max.

The DC Extended Universe is slowly looking to expand into the world of streaming shows as Marvel Studios sees wild early success from WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier within the MCU. This is going to kick off sometime next year with John Cena’s Peacemaker, which will spin off from The Suicide Squad, and the company is also working diligently on a Green Lantern Corps series for a premiere on HBO Max as well.

While this series likely won’t feature the most famous Lanterns like Hal Jordan or John Stewart, it will show a more expansive Green Lantern story than any that came before it. Going through multiple eras, numerous galaxies in space, and even featuring more than one member of the corps, fans are looking forward to the first live-action take on this team since 2011’s Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds.

Green Lantern Corps Sinestro

The intergalactic adventure is still in the early stages of pre-production, with no cast members or official release date announced yet. Thankfully, we at the Illuminerdi have obtained some intriguing information about that process which we are thrilled to share with you right now!

Sinestro Description For The Green Lantern Corps

Knight Media has revealed that the Green Lantern Corps series premiering on HBO Max is currently casting for the classic DC Comics’ character Thaal Sinestro, previously played by Mark Strong in 2011’s Green Lantern movie.

Green Lantern Corps Sinestro

The listing is searching for a male actor in the 40-49 age range of any ethnicity, and he is described as the greatest Lantern in existence. Sinestro is listed as a strategic leader of the Green Lantern Corps and described as a “warrior monk.”

(Male, 40s, any ethnicity)
The greatest of all the Green Lanterns, Sinestro is akin to a warrior monk, the personification of grace under pressure. He serves as the strategic commander for the Corps and all Lanterns follow his orders without question. Although he is revered for his unmatched will power and wisdom, a darker destiny belies his otherwise Zen demeanor. [SERIES REGULAR]

On the ground level, it’s exciting news to hear that DC is working to bring back one of the biggest characters in the Green Lantern mythology.

Green Lantern Sinestro

Classically, Sinestro one of the most powerful Lanterns in the universe before being discharged from the Corps and taking on a more villainous role with the yellow Lantern ring. The character was utilized as Hal Jordan’s mentor in the 2011 Green Lantern movie which bombed in theaters, and his turn to the dark side was teased in the movie’s post-credits scene.


There are no signs pointing to where his allegiances will end up lying in this series, but he seems like he will start as an important figure in the Green Lantern Corps. This will be only the second live-action iteration of this character, and it will certainly be exciting to find out how he’s utilized in the future of the DCEU.

Green Lantern Corps Sinestro

Now, the wait continues for more news on Green Lantern Corps series, including both official casting announcements and a release date on HBO Max. What do you think of the new direction for Sinestro? Do you think he will turn to the dark side in the first season? Does anything trouble you about the description and where Sinestro may be headed in the upcoming HBO Max series? What direction do you hope they take for the new series? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comment section or join the fun over on our social media!


Source: Knight Edge Media


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