Aleister Black Speaks About His Release And Easter Eggs For Fans

Aleister Black talked about his feelings on his release and revealed little “Easter Eggs'' he put into his character while at WWE.
WWE Aleister Black

Aleister Black talked about his feelings on his release and revealed little “Easter Eggs” he put into his character while at WWE.

Aleister Black was released earlier this week from WWE along with Braun Strowman, Lana, Murphy, Ruby Riott and Santana Garrett. Shortly after his release he appeared on his wife, Thea Trinidad formally known as Zelina Vega’s Twitch Stream. He took the opportunity to speak on budget cuts being the reason for his release.

WWE Aleister Black
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Black also spoke on his interactions with Vince and not knowing why his character didn’t work as well on the main roster as it did on NXT.

“I think being on the main roster, in all my conversations I’ve ever had with Vince, he was always very positive,” Aleister Black said. “I have a good relationship with Vince. I always told him how I felt, he always respected that about me. And he always praised me on my creativity and my ability to have manners and respect, but still be honest with him about how I felt.

You never really truly know why things end [like] they did, but all I can tell you is that from my point of view and the word I was always given was that Vince was always pretty high on me. I did well on television. It was just that we could never really nail down what it is that we wanted Aleister to be on the main roster versus what he was in NXT and where that problem lied, I don’t know.

You have to realize that when I was under Heyman’s wing, Heyman fought tooth and nail for me but it was always, at the end of the day, when a decision is made, the decision is made.  Heyman couldn’t protect everyone and he tried his best, and I tried my best.” H/T To WrestleZone For Transcription

Vince And Aleister Black’s Positive Relationship

Having a good relationship with Vince seems to really help young wrestlers for a few reasons. First and foremost Vince has a vast well of wrestling knowledge. He can tell wrestlers what direction will work best to gain fans or get heat. However, sometimes gimmicks just don’t work on the main roster.

Being tight with Vince also allows more chances on TV to work out the kinks of a gimmick because he likes them. Aleister Black is awesome, but just couldn’t get on the right track to have his gimmick really blow up. One possible direction I heard was to have him be a demon hunter and a master of the occult arts in order to banish The Fiend. I think that would have been a pretty cool feud.


One place where Aleister Black had some freedom to develop his character was in his promos and ring attire. He went into little “Easter Eggs” he left for fans, but it didn’t seem like any fans picked up on it.

WWE Aleister Black
Courtesy Of WWE

“One of the things I actually did with the room promos is I don’t know if you ever noticed, but I didn’t really have a lot of control over those,” Aleister Black said.  “I was just new on the main roster and I didn’t want to be that guy that complained about everything.

When I wrestled the Singh brothers, I had pink in the background. And I think with Buddy, I had white and goldish light in the background so that would hint at my next opponents. And when I sit in the ring and I said I feel like a caged animal, that was hinting at me and Rowan because he was walking around with that caged animal.

So Aleister Black, I tried to have a lot of ‘Easter Eggs,’ you know, into my backstage promos and stuff like that. I wanted to give something that people could unravel, so even in my ring gear, my wrestling gear, what I used to do is, the reason I wear so many jackets is because I would literally take tarot cards and I would lay tarot cards and would pick a deck, I would pick cards from [the deck] and I would put it on my back with how Aleister would feel. I always wanted to have my gear to reflect Aleister’s mood or how Aleister would interpret it and all the colors were significant for how Aleister felt in that moment.

I did all that while having shackles on. All these things that I’d created and made and done when I had shackles on. And so now I don’t have shackles anymore, which I’m really happy, to an extent because that’s the blessing in all of this.”

“Easter Eggs” Hidden So Well No One Knew They Even Existed

This is really cool that Black hid these things in his promos and attire. I never noticed and don’t remember anyone on the internet bringing it up. It makes me want to go back and try to find them, but that’s going to be really hard. Thanks Peacock with your awful search feature.


Now that Aleister Black is released, where would you like him to end up? Do you think AEW or IMPACT would be a better fit for him?  Is there someone in either of those promotions Black would have a killer match with? Don’t forget to leave a comment about how you feel about this news and Black’s future.


Sources: WrestleZone, Thea Trinidad Twitch Stream


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