Scott Hall Talks HOF Idea And Shawn Michaels Throwing Triple H Under The Bus

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Scott Hall talks about a plan he had surrounding his nWo’s 2020 WWE Hall of Fame induction and how Shawn Michaels threw Triple H under the bus after the “Curtain Call” incident.

Scott Hall was recently a guest on 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff. He talked about a secret Hall of Fame induction he was planning at the ceremony which would have been perfect for the nWo to do. The plan was to originally call out Eric Bischoff and induct him into the Hall of Fame as well. However, this didn’t work out because COVID delayed the ceremony a year and Bischoff was inducted into the 2021 Hall of Fame class.

Scott Hall On Hall of Fame Inductions

“I remember before the pandemic became a factor and Mark Carrano still worked for the WWE and he spoke to me and talked about nWo is going to go in and at that time the plan was at the [Hall of Fame] we’re going to call Eric up on stage and put him in [the Hall of Fame with the nWo],” Hall said. “I was thinking that sounds really cool, but I’m going to make sure my buddy E is prepared, he’s wearing a nice tux.

I never had to make that decision because it never worked out but to go in as Razor, if it means you’re better than everybody else, hell, I’ll take one. I’ll take two [Hall of Fame inductions].” H/T To WrestlingInc For Transcription


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Hey Yo Let’s Talk About The nWo

The reason this idea was a perfect idea goes back to the late ‘90s in WCW. The nWo was a heel group and their goal was to take over WCW. They didn’t care if they destroyed WCW in the process. It was Bischoff and WCW vs a few members of nWo. However, nWo had the advantage right from the start no matter what Bischoff threw at them. It was apparent that they had an inside man, but no one knew who. It was revealed that the inside man was none other than Bischoff.

The nWo was all about breaking the rules and bringing in Bischoff to the induction was a perfect nWo move. When Bischoff joined the faction is when it really took off and became the coolest faction of all time and one of the greatest storylines of all time. I honestly am upset that Bischoff wasn’t inducted with Hollywood Hulk Hogan, 6-Pac/X-Pac, Hall and Nash. The nWo had like 30 members and most didn’t do much, but Bischoff was an important member.

WWE Curtain Call

Another Nail In The Coffin In Kayfabe

Scott Hall just didn’t talk about this wasted opportunity he also talked about the infamous “Curtain Call” incident. A group of friends who call themselves The Kliq made up of Triple H, Michaels, Hall and Nash came out to the ring after a match in Madison Square Garden and hugged each other. The problem was some of these wrestlers were supposed to hate each other and this incident broke kayfabe.


After the incident Scott Hall and Nash went to WCW to form nWo and Michaels remained one of the top guys of WWE at the time, but Triple H faced all the punishment from the incident. According to Scott Hall, the reason all the heat fell on Triple H was because Michaels threw him under the bus.

“He kind of threw Triple H under the bus that night at the Garden,” Hall said. “Triple H was supposed to get the big push. He was supposed to get the Stone Cold spot. They were grooming him for that, but then Vince had to punish somebody. I was in Vince’s office when Shawn [Michaels] came in and pitched the curtain call. Vince was finally talking to me about staying and I was like it’s too late, I’m already done. Shawn came in and said ‘I want Razor to come out to the ring in my match,’ Vince said ‘Is it important to you?’ And [Michaels] said yeah, and [Vince] said ‘Well, make it happen.’ He knew, but I think what happened was, now the guys are trying to bring the business down.

The guys who were staying were really mad. I’m glad we did it. I didn’t plan it, it was all Shawn’s idea and he was the one staying. There’s a famous picture of Shawn wearing one of the early Outsiders shirts, I think he was doing that just to give him some kind of ammunition with Vince. Now he’s thrown his last buddy, Triple H, under the ring so he’s there solo now with no friends. It’s lonely at the top, that’s when [Michaels] may have started his pill use and alcohol use may have increased at the time.”

WWE Triple H and Shawn Michaels
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Triple H And Shawn Michaels BFFs

It’s hard to say if Michaels knew that all the heat would fall on Triple H or if Triple H saw it as Michaels throwing him under the bus.  I’ve personally never seen either one of them talk about that aspect of the incident.  However, it’s good to see that Triple H and Michaels are still besties and that Triple H rebounded and became one of the top guys of the 2000s.

What do you think of Hall’s HOF idea? Do you think Bischoff deserved to be inducted with the nWo? What do you think of what Scott Hall had to say? Don’t be The Bad Guy like Razor Ramon and leave some comments below.


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