Loki: Exciting New Midseason Sneak Peek Revealed By Disney+

Earlier today, Disney provided a mid-season sneak peek of what's to come on Loki.
loki midseason

Disney has a way of creating new rituals for its customers, and Loki is no exception.

Who would’ve thought that Wednesday (the third Monday of the week) would be a day to look forward to? But the first season of of the latest MCU series has so far put the pedal to the metal. The arrival of Sylvie, a recently revealed Variant, opened the door for more drama and a realm of possibilities.

And earlier today, Disney provided us with a mid-season sneak peek of what’s to come. The trailer shows key moments of the season so far along with new footage of upcoming episodes. Check out the trailer below:

Loki Previews The Next 3 Episodes

Loki and Sylvie seem like an unlikely pair that share an incredible on-screen chemistry. The third episode in particular was a complete joy to watch as Hiddlestone and Di Martino trade word daggers, seeing who would be the first to bleed. Sylvie, which seems quicker with rebottles, is a great addition to the story and cast.

The third episode also revealed Loki to be bisexual (or pansexual), while the credits confirm the God of Mischief to be genderfluid. The series explores time-travel and the manipulation of the time-line. A new episode of Loki drops every Wednesday on Disney +. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages for more Marvel content, including some exclusive content that you can only find here. Check out some pictures of the season so far!

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loki - screenshot 3
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Source: Youtube