Rumors Have Daniel Bryan Going To AEW

Rumors are buzzing surrounding the possibility that Daniel Bryan may be the newest wrestler to sign with AEW.
WWE Daniel Bryan

Rumors are buzzing surrounding the possibility that Daniel Bryan may be the newest wrestler to sign with AEW.

Every time a WWE Superstar is released, fired or has asked for their release everyone on the internet counts down the 90 days until their non-compete clause expires.  They all want to see where they will end up and which promotion they will take their talents to. 


Recently, it seems like every big name is going to AEW – and the bigger the name, the more likely they will end up there.  It has become a joke where someone would say “I can’t wait to see them in AEW” after a release.

Everyone Quickly Running To AEW

WWE Daniel Bryan
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Everyone going to AEW has become so common that it seems like a logical outcome after a release.  AEW is trying to sign everyone they can before WWE can hire them back like what happened with Samoa Joe. 

Daniel Bryan is one of the newest big names to become a free agent on the wrestling market so the rumors are circulating about him.  However, these rumors may have just gotten a little more credibility recently following a tweet. 

 A few days ago @KhalafSammy tweeted out a tweet which has just kicked the wrestling rumors mill into overdrive.

“So I heard that something ‘bigger than andrade’ is coming to AEW.  I wonder what it is,”  @KhalafSammy said.

Solving A Wrestling Mystery

The first thing we have to ask ourselves to solve this mystery is, who is bigger than Andrade?  That answer is easy because it’s a lot of people.  However, the two big names who come to mind are Braun Strowman and Daniel Bryan.


Strowman would be a huge get, and I’m sure his phone is ringing off the hook and has been since the day he was released.  Strowman is definitely the hottest free agent right now in wrestling.  However, he has said in the past that if he were to ever leave the WWE he would never wrestle for anyone else.  

I think he meant that at the time, but things change.  He needs to make money and he probably got a taste for wrestling and I doubt he thought a few months later he would be released.  Strowman still has a few more wrestling years left in him and he may want to spend that time wrestling.

Daniel Bryan is in a similar boat: everyone wants him, and he has a few years of wrestling left in him.  Just to make this AEW rumor more likely, WWE has removed him from future projects including video games.  If they thought he was coming back, they probably would not have done that.  They did the same sort of thing right before Big Show and Mark Henry left the WWE for AEW.

WWE Daniel Bryan
Courtesy Of WWE

Daniel Bryan Going To AEW Is Not A Sure Thing

Two things may point to this rumor being false: he talked about retiring soon and spending time with his wife, Brie Bella, and their two young children.  Second, Dave Meltzer doesn’t know what big thing is coming to AEW, and if it was Daniel Bryan I’m sure he would have heard.

I think we should acknowledge how weird it is to talk about Daniel Bryan going to AEW.  Just a few years ago, it looked like he would never wrestle again – and now he may be going to WWE’s biggest rival as a wrestler.  

This is going to be an exciting next few weeks, as next week is night two of AEW Fyter Fest and the following week is AEW Fight For The Fallen.  We will just have to keep a close look at these two events for Bryan or Strowman or to find out what this big thing AEW has is.

Do you think Daniel Bryan should go to AEW?  Is there a different promotion he should wrestle for like perhaps NJPW?  Is there anyone you would love to see Bryan wrestle in AEW?  Leave a comment or two down below and let us know what you think.


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