The Possibilities Are Endless For Renslayer In Loki S2

Ravonna Renslayer actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Loki head writer Michael Waldron discussed her character's arc across season one.
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In a recent interview with, Ravonna Renslayer actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Loki head writer Michael Waldron discussed her character’s arc across season one, her potential future paths in the next season and possible films.

Mbatha-Raw began by summarizing Ravonna’s arc across season one:

“[Everything starts] very orderly and black and white for Renslayer…. As her reality begins to crumble … she gets sort of more desperate, and the stakes just get higher.”

Digging Deeper Into Renslayer

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Waldron continued the analysis:

“She has the making of a very complex villain that has her own set of principles and beliefs that drive her. She doesn’t believe that what she’s doing is evil.… Renslayer probably wishes that she never learned that the Time Keepers were fake, that they had just been able to keep doing this forever… She’s the good soldier of the TVA, just a disciple to the bureaucracy. Then it’s revealed to be a lie to her. Instead of that galvanizing her and making her question her life’s purpose, the way it did with Mobius, Renslayer wants to stay in power. She reacts more in anger.”

It’s interesting to note the diverging paths of former friends Mobius and Renslayer. Mobius wanted to be free of the TVA, yet was reset. In contrast, Renslayer wanted to stay at the TVA, yet her search for answers led to a successful escape.

Mbatha-Raw closed the interview with a possible tease for Renslayer and the multiverse in season two:

“The idea that … there are other variants of Renslayer in different times, that was kind of mind blowing to me. We just dipped our toe into [this] at the end of the show. But you realize that the Multiverse just is so epic. The possibilities are endless. There’s so much potential for what’s on the other side of that Time Door. And ultimately, she wants revenge with whoever put this whole facade together.”

Season two of Loki has a lot of questions to answer and even more directions to explore. Following Renslayer’s path to Kang is sure to be a major part of the next season, but if we’ve learned anything from season one, it’s to expect an unexpected journey. Could her character be redeemed? Will she meet benevolent Ravonna variants? Is there a new Renslayer running the reset TVA? How will she respond when she learns the truth of He Who Remains, and that He is dead?

Few mysteries solved, many more remain.

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The complete first season of Loki is now on Disney+. Loki season two has been confirmed but remains undated. Let us know your thoughts on Mbatha-Raw and Waldron’s commentary in the comments below, and check back with The Illuminerdi for the latest Marvel news and features.




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