Leaked Footage of the Mandalorian game Revealed

This just in, Star Wars fans: rumors of The Mandalorian game being in development have been proven true.

This just in, Star Wars fans: rumors of The Mandalorian game being in development have been proven true.

A YouTube user has revealed the first footage of the gameplay, and it’s looking amazing.

The Mandalorian has always hold a piece our hearts ever since Season 2 ended but looks like Mando will be seen into action with his own video game being in developed. It began back in April, since there were rumors going around about the game being made but no details have been revealed to the public until a YouTube user gave fans the confirmation.

The footage showed parts of the gameplay with unfinished audio stand out and chapter selection which might still be in progress. According to Murphy’s Multiverse, by observing the gameplay it also follows the chapter structure from the series.

The Mandalorian In A New Light

Mandalorian - the book of Boba Fett

Based on the footage, in the beginning it shows the opening titles to the game featuring everyone’s favorite character baby Yoda aka Grogu. As the unknown player is about do the gameplay, the game reveals some features such as the difficulty selection which the player can play as Vero’ika, Ruus’Alor, and Mand’Alor mode. Also, in the gameplay we see Mando in third-person view while fighting his way against stormtroopers.;t=20s

There is no mistake of the game being real but reports says the gameplay footage could be a mod for Star War: Battlefront 2 which is getting a gameplay upgrade according to Murphy’s Multiverse. However, no details had been said yet if its a mod or an upcoming Star Wars game but the creator deserves some respect for putting it into works.

It will be an exciting new game addition to Star War since Mando is not only a character everyone adores especially along side Grogu but get the chance to play as bounty hunter with various missions . All fans can hope for is expect a confirmation from the developers and plus, rumors has it that there will be an open world game to release in 2023, possibly The Mandalorian. Follow The Illuminerdi’s social media page for more exciting content.

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