UDON Reveals The 2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Covers

UDON Entertainment revealed six covers for the 2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special, which features some fan-favorite characters.
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UDON Entertainment revealed six covers for the 2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special, which features some fan-favorite characters as they head to the beach with their summer attires.

Summer is only two months away and UDON is kicking it off a bit early by bringing a comic based on Capcom’s popular video game Street Fighter. However, it looks like the world warriors are going for some summer fun in the upcoming 2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special. UDON revealed six different covers featuring characters such as Chung-Li, Rose, Laura, Karin, and other fan favorites in their swimsuits while having a spectacular time at the beach.


As we all know, Street Fighter is known as a Japanese competitive fighting video game that was released in 1987 and produced by Yoshinori Ono. The game features a few of its strong fighters including Ryu, Chung-Li, Rose, Laura, and many more in the franchise. With the new covers by UDON, we get to see the character’s summer form as a pin-up artwork done by the company’s artists.

Each cover shows the character’s sense of style for the summer and the first two comics reveal Laura in a bridal gown with a pink and gold version. It’s the same cover art but the difference is the type of quantity since the gold version is a limited edition while the pink gown is unlimited. The other three covers featuring Karin in a white bikini, Elena and Rose with gold bikinis, and a blank sketch cover are also unlimited editions. As for the last comic, which I think is unique since it’s a 1 in 5 variant edition that includes six familiar Street Fighter characters such as Chung-Li, Cammy, Ken Masters, Ryu, and Guy.

As a Street Fighter fan, I like how the characters originally look in their fighting outfits but seeing them in swimsuits is something different and never seen before. The swimwear feature, not only makes it unique but also a great piece to own. Any Street Fighter fan or comic lover should try to pre-order their copy. All six of the swimsuit specials are now available for pre-order at the UDON store.

Along with the pre-orders in place, each comic shown on UDON’s website has different prices based on the type of edition and looks like the Golden Bride Laura has brought a lot of attention. As exciting, it brings to many Street Fighter fans and comic collectors there are more details for the swimsuit special since UDON revealed the official release date. It’s been said the 2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special will be available on the first week of June which is great timing to start the summer, especially for everyone’s favorite Street Fighter characters.

2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Official Press Release

2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 CVR X2 – Golden Bride Laura – by Reiq

US $50.00, Limited to 150 Copies.
Preorder now at

2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 CVR X1 – Bride Laura by Reiq

US $20.00, Unlimited Edition
Preorder now at

2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 CVR D by Panzer

US MSRP: $20.00, 1 in 5 Variant
Diamond Code: APR221963

2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 CVR C – Blank Sketch Cover

US $5.99, Unlimited Edition, 
Diamond Code: APR221962
This item may have been listed as an incentive cover. It is actually orderable in unlimited quantities.

2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 CVR A by Norasuko

US $4.99, Unlimited Edition, 
Diamond Code: APR221960 

2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 CVR B by Ryan Kinnaird

US $4.99, Unlimited Edition, 
Diamond Code: APR221961 

The World Warriors return for another fun-filled summer swimwear spectacular! Fan-favorite characters Chun-Li, Laura, Rose, Karin and more hit the beaches and the waves as they don their sleekest summer swimsuits!

Featuring pin-up artwork from UDON artists and friends of the studio such as Alex Ahad, Edwin Huang, Richard Suwono, Cre.O.N, Genzoman, Kajin, Chamba, Tovio Rogers, Absolum, and many more!

The UDON Store is proud to reveal exclusive variant covers featuring Street Fighter’s Laura Matsuda in her best beach wedding attire, as drawn by artist Reiq! Golden Bride Laura is LIMITED TO 150 COPIES! Say, ‘I Do!’ and pre-order your covers today

The 2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special is available for pre-order now and will release on June 1, 2022. So what do you guys think of the new swimsuit special? What’s your take on the characters swimsuit look? Let us know in the comments and follow The Illuminerdi for more upcoming content.



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