The Rundown on Roman Reigns Vs Big E after Crown Jewel

Roman Reigns has been announced for the November 29th episode of WWE Raw. What does this mean for the the future of WWE?

Is it happening; are we gonna see it? Can we see WWE following a trend instead of being the trendsetter?


Well, seeing that this trend is being spearheaded by AEW, I would suggest we dissect it. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about six-man tag matches. Three teammates, two corners, one match. Sure we’ve seen it before but the frequency in which we have seen them as of late has been multiplied by 12.

Roman Reigns vs. Big E: A New Tradition?

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We’ve already heard rumblings from The SuperKliq (Adam Cole, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) as they faced Christian Cage & Jurassic Express on AEW Rampage. Weeks prior they even said that Tony Khan should consider making a 3 or 4 man tag team division. At the moment stables are big, everyone wants one. Well, WWE (not wanting to be topped) has noticed the want and are trying to fulfill the need. They just reformed the Hurt Business (Bobby Lasley, MVP {currently on medical leave}, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin).

Not to mention that the WWE’s biggest faction or stable is all on the same brand, yes that’s right the New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods) are back together again. They happen to be feuding with the most dominant faction around, the Blood line (Roman Reigns, Jay and Jimmy Uso). there’s more to meet the eye in this showdown between them. There is gold on the line. There are smaller fights within the bigger fight. Big E seems to be building up to a program with Roman, while The Uso’s will defend their Tag belts against the New day alum Woods, and Kingston.

Now this is what seems to be what will happen after Crown Jewel. 

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The reason I say all of this is because Roman Reigns is a Smackdown wrestler so that’s why this is so interesting. It would seem that the word a lot of you hate is rearing its ugly head… THAT’S RIGHT; competition. So the aforementioned Raw episode is being held at the UBS arena in Long Island, New York. Well AEW is having a taping at the same arena on December 8th. To quote the best to ever do it, the Promo God himself, Jay-Z “women lie, men lie, numbers don’t.”

Let’s talk about ticket sales, according to Wrestle Tix on twitter, WWE has sold 2,837 tickets for the show in Long Island. AEW has sold 7,536. So AEW has sold more tickets than what WWE has made available for their show. This is where that “C-word” comes into play. By all rights this should not be happening. A promotion that has only been in existence for two years is beating out a company that has had several decades to establish legacy. I think Reigns being announced for this show is in reaction to the terrible ticket sales. But with that, it goes back to the booking of the matches there and the potential landscape, post Crown Jewel.

So, we may very well see the building of this long awaited stable vs stable program, which will make way for Reigns vs Big E. There’s no telling who will have the belt during this time but my money is on both of them. If so, will we see a double title holder when all the dust settles? 

What do you think is going to happen between Roman Reigns and Big E; let’s hear your thoughts in the comments. I read them, and I will reply. 


Source: Wrestling Headlines


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