Sora Is Finally Here: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final DLC Fighter Released

Sora, the final fighter, finally makes his way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
sora kingdom hearts super smash bros ultimate

The final DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally here and it is Sora from the popular action-role playing series Kingdom Hearts.

The character was revealed in an epic final Mr. Sakurai Presents presentation where the Smash Bros. director also revealed the character’s complete move set as well as new spirits and music tracks being added along with him.

During the development of Smash 4, Nintendo held a Smash Fighter Ballot where fans could vote for the fighters they would like to see come to the game. The results were never revealed, however, when Bayonetta was added to Smash 4 Sakurai stated that she was the winner among the realistic candidates.

During the presentation, Sakurai revealed that Sora was the true winner of the Smash Ballot beating even the likes of Bayonetta which is insane to think about.

So, why did it take this long for Sora to get into Smash if he was indeed the most requested fighter? Well, a lot of it was surely rights issues. The Kingdom Hearts series is a collaboration between Square Enix and the Walt Disney Company. The series contains popular characters from both companies. So, not only does Nintendo have to work things out with Square Enix, but also Disney, a company that is very protective of its intellectual properties.


It seems that the compromise made for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was the extreme lack of Disney content included in the DLC. The only things from Disney included are the Mickey Mouse logo at the end of Sora’s Keyblade and maybe some of the music tracks.

Sora isn’t even the first fighter to come from the Square Enix pantheon of characters as characters such as Cloud, Hero, and Sephiroth preceded him. Hero being a huge reveal for Smash Bros. fans in Japan. Maybe it’s time for a Square Enix free for all battle?

Taking A Look Back At Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has truly proved that it really is the ultimate videogame. With 89 playable characters, 24 of those being newcomers, and 13 of those being DLC fighters, Smash Ulitmate gives fans hundreds upon hundreds of hours of content to play with.

The game also featured a story mode titled Super Smash Bros: World of Light where the player takes control of Kirby as he tries to revive the spirits of the rest of the characters apart of the initial roster.

Of course, not everybody can get into Smash, however, the game features over 1,500 collectible spirits for the player to collect from various video games throughout the entire history of gaming.

Smash even broke Twitter when it was announced that characters from Minecraft would become playable fighters in the game. That is just the sheer power that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has on the world.


Overall Super Smash Bros. Ulitmate has been an absolutely unforgettable experience. Personally, I have sunk hundreds of hours into this game and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Ultimate is going to be nearly impossible to beat so I cannot wait to see what Nintendo has planned for the Smash Bros series in the future!

What are your thoughts on Sora finally making his way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Was he a fitting character to be the final fighter? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow The Illuminerdi on social media to be notified of more gaming news and updates like this in the future!



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