Stuart Martin Reveals His Favorite Army of Thieves Scene To Shoot In Exclusive New Interview

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Actor Stuart Martin has shared one of his favorite moments from Netflix’s latest adventure, Army of Thieves. With fewer zombies and more safes to be cracked, the prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead aims to tell the origin story (sort of) of the charming bank teller turned criminal, Ludwig Dieter.

The soon-to-be-legendary safecracker is definitely an oddball. He character became a fan favorite in Snyder’s zombie thriller with his very likable personality, a concoction of innocence and intelligence. The film’s trailer shows a time where the world is distracted by the very early zombie outbreak that we saw during Army of the Dead. While the world’s eyes focus on this horrific event, Gwendoline, played by the unmistakable Nathalie Emmanuel, a smart up-and-coming criminal, recruits Dieter to her five-man team. 


Stuart Martin is a part of that team. The Scottish actor got his big break during his time on the award-winning political family drama Medici. We asked a few questions about his experience shooting Army of Thieves.

Stuart Martin Talks Action-Packed Scenes

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Here’s what Stuart Martin had to say about one of his favorite scenes to shoot.

“Funny enough, what you were asking about things that were used or technology that was used. One of my favorite sequences was the whole mental heist…The Prague heist,” stated Stuart Martin. The actor then gave us an electrifying recollection of his experience shooting this scene:

”Right from the very start, from the back of the van…to going into the bank… and (to) when Brad comes out and jumps into the back of the van, Matt Rugetti, our stunt director, says, “Right, we’re going to have you run in. So this whole sequence, you jump over the front of the van. Then you’ll get to here, you’ll shoot out the tire of this car, it’ll skid off there. Then you’ll run, I’m going to run with you, (and) we’re both going to jump into the moving van.”

I was like, “What? Okay.” We did it on the day and thought I had the hard job, and he’s the one that’s carrying a camera, keeping it trained as he runs alongside, and then leaps into the back of the van, and we drive off. I mean, the guy’s amazing. It looks like this shot has been put together, because you go, “How did that go from a truck into the back of a moving van?” Those bits were amazing to see. How you get that, how you get those shots, and how you make those massive sequences all gel together.”

It seems like Deiter’s experience with this group prepared him well for what was eventually going to unfold during Army of the Dead. The movie, which releases today on Netflix, has a run time of just over two hours.

It is well known by now that Zack Snyder wants to build a large multiverse that connects all of the movies to Army of the Dead. A direct sequel to that movie is reportedly under production already and there is plenty of fan theories out there about what is going to happen and what the end of the first movie really means for the story moving forward.

We did not see the result of Dieter’s fate after he was locked inside the vault. Maybe there is some hope that our favorite safecracker might still be alive, and who knows, even show up in the upcoming sequel. We have yet to see what is in store for Martin’s character, but one thing is for sure: it won’t lack action. You can watch the full interview with Stuart Martin and Guz Khan here:

Are you excited to watch Army of Thieves? Is your brain firing all cylinders yet? Are theories starting to sprout like a beautiful garden of conspiracies? Let us know what you are thinking in the comments! Don’t forget to follow our social media pages for more Army of Thieves (and of the Dead) content! We got more exclusives on the way. Stay safe, happy Halloween, and, please, avoid getting bit this weekend.

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