Marvel Zombies: Exciting New Animated Series Announced At Disney+ Day

The iconic and horrifying Marvel storyline will finally be adapted into a full length length Marvel Zombies series.
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The iconic and horrifying Marvel storyline will finally be adapted into a full length length Marvel Zombies series.

Announced today during Disney’s Disney Plus Day, it will be an animated original series set during the Zombie timeline that first appeared in an episode of Season 1 on Marvel Studios’ What If…?


One special What If…? episode focused on an alternate timeline in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where a contagious virus infected the whole planet which turned almost everyone, including some of our favorite heroes and villains into mindless flesh eating Zombies. The virus came from the Quantum Realm and infected Janet Van Dyne the original Wasp, and brought it with her when she was rescued by Hank Pym the Original Ant-Man during the events of Ant-Man and The Wasp.


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Sadly in return she infected Hank and the virus spread across the world, and infected many Avengers such as Captain America, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Scarlett Witch, Hawkeye, The Falcon, and many more. Fortunately there were a group of heroes that survived the Zombie Apocalypse such as Spider-Man, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), and Black Panther himself T’Challa.

The episode ended on a Cliff-Hanger where we found out a Zombified Thanos has taken over Wakanda and has all six Infinity Stones. The What-If episode that focused on the Marvel Zombies is considered a huge favorite among fans, so it’s not a surprise that Marvel Studios decided to continue that storyline, and focus more on the Marvel Zombie Apocalypse.

Marvel Zombies was a limited five issue series that was published from December 2005 till April 2006 from Marvel Comics. The comic book series was written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Sean Phillips. The story was set in an alternate Marvel universe where the world’s population of super heroes has been infected with a contagious virus that turned them into zombies. The comic book series was based on events of a crossover during the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book series.

The premise of the story is that zombified Reed Richards, or Mr. Fantastic, tricked his Ultimate counterpart into opening a portal to the Marvel Zombie Comic Universe. The limited series was very successful and even garnered spin-off stories or sequels. Such as Marvel Zombies Vs The Army Of Darkness, Marvel Zombies: Dead Days, Marvel Zombies 2, Marvel Zombies 3, Marvel Zombies 4, Marvel Zombies 5, and finally Marvel Zombies return. With the Marvel Zombies now officially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the possibility of stories based on the Zombie timeline in horrifyingly endless.

Marvel Studios’ Marvel Zombies will premiere exclusively on Disney Plus, though there hasn’t been a premiere date. Also a director and producer has not been announced. But if were were to guess or assume the talented artists and who worked on Marvel’s What If Zombies could potentially make a return and be involved in this project. Also that this upcoming Animated series is a high chance it will left off after when a Zombified Thanos has taken over an infected Wakanda.

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All episodes of Marvel’s What If…? are now available on Disney Plus.


Source: Marvel


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