Power Rangers Zeo Stars Tom, Tim, and Ted Difilippo Reveals Trey Of Triforia Was Supposed To Have A Bigger Role Including A Spin-off Series

The Difilippo triplets talk about their character Trey of Triforia, and what could have been if they stuck around past Power Rangers Zeo.

I had the special opportunity and honor in interviewing the original Gold Ranger from Power Rangers Zeo, The Difilippo Triplets (Tommy, Teddy, and Tim). The triplets played Trey of Triforia. In the show, Trey had three personalities. Those personalities were Trey of Wisdom (Tom), Trey Of Courage (Ted), and Trey Of Heart (Tim). We were able to talk to the triplets on The Illuminerdi’s sister page The Morphin Network at a local comic-book store, Phat Collectibles located in La Habra, California.

During the early part of Power Rangers Zeo, the Gold Ranger’s identity was a huge mystery. The identity of the Gold Ranger was linked to multiple characters in the show. Those characters were Billy, the original Blue Ranger, David Trueheart, and even Skull. It was of course revealed that the Gold Ranger was a powerful humanoid alien named Trey of Triforia.

As fans remember in the show Trey was attacked by a monster called Varox while on his Megazord and ship Pyramidus. After the unfortunate attack, Trey was injured and landed on the planet Aquitar, home of the Aquitar Rangers. We also find out that Trey’s powers were damaged and become unstable to contain. So with the help of the Aquitian Rangers, they rescue Trey as his power fails.


Trey asks to contact Zordon for help and the Aquitar Rangers send Trey to Earth in an attempt to transfer the powers before they are lost forever. As we know the individual that Trey transferred the Gold Ranger powers was Jason, the Original Red Ranger. Jason temporarily became the Gold Ranger before transferring the Powers back to Trey in the season finale of Zeo. During the interview, we asked the Triplets if there were ever plans for Trey of Triforia being the main Gold Ranger going forward:

We Almost Got A Power Rangers Triforia Spinoff

Morphin Network: “Now the Gold Ranger, originally in Zeo had a lot of mystery. So a lot of people were trying to guess the identity of the Gold Ranger. One was David Yost his character Billy. One was David Frank, Jason David Frank’s brother rest in peace. Then of course even Jason Narvy who played Skull in the Power Rangers franchise. Now my question for you guys is was there a point or where there plans for Trey to be the main Gold Ranger going forward?

Difilippo Triplets: “Well yeah I mean, we had a development deal with Saban back in the day. It was eight months, and we spent six months in a dojo training in the whole bit which I can share pictures with you to show you of that. We were also going to do thirty episodes for Zeo then we were going to do the Power Rangers Zeo Movie where Tommy was going to have a love interest for Trey Of Wisdom, and then do a spin-off series.

My brothers and I back then, Power Rangers was so popular after the eight months of our development deal. We didn’t understand how popular they were. We found out how popular they were eight months later. So we were very nervous about doing all that because we didn’t want to be typecast. So that’s why we didn’t do the thirty episodes, that’s why we didn’t do the movie and it’s why we didn’t do the spin-off series.

If you want to see a little bit about the movie, the advertising of it is on our Instagram. If you go on our instagram you’ll see a picture of the advertisement of the movie, it was already in process and cranking. It’s @TripletsDifilippo our instagram. So that’s why we didn’t do all that because we didn’t want to be typecast. We wanted to do comedy. They were super popular, and were able to do all these other things. What’s great is we are back now, so if the fans want us to explore more of our characters in Triforia we are here, and with Hasbro came out with our toy. Thank you Hasbro, we love you!

Trey of Triforia will always be an iconic character in Power Rangers history. Even appearing only in a few episodes Trey of Triforia is considered a fan favorite among fans. Mainly it’s because of the character’s unique history and variant personalities (Wisdom, Courage, and Heart) has been a fascination for fans of Power Rangers. Still, longtime fans hoped that we could have seen more of Trey and the Planet Triforia as the series and franchise progressed.


Who knows maybe under the new leadership of Hasbro, Triforia could be mentioned again or finally make its appearance in the show. It’s mainly because Power Rangers so under Hasbro has made the continuity clearer and honored the past seasons the right way. Examples include the Venjix Virus from Power Rangers RPM making a return in Power Rangers Beast Morphers as the main villain for that season.

Hasbro now has a history of acknowledging past seasons and honoring them the right way. So hopefully in the near future, we can see the Trey of Triforia make a return in the near future.

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Power Rangers Zeo stars Catherine Sutherland as Kat Hillard / Zeo Ranger I Pink, Nakia Burrise as Tanya Sloan / Zeo Ranger II Yellow, Steve Cardenas as Rocky DeSantos / Zeo Ranger III Blue, Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park / Zeo Ranger IV Green, Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver / Zeo Ranger V Red, Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott / the Gold Ranger, David Yost as Billy Cranston, Paul Schrier as Bulk, Jason Narvy as Skull, Richard Genelle as Ernie, Gregg Bullock as Det. Stone, with Ted, Tim, and Tom DiFilippo as Trey of Triforia / the Gold Ranger.

What are your thoughts on the scrapped future for Trey of Triforia? Do you wish we would have gotten to see these projects? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to back to The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content like this in the future!


Source: Morphin Network


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