What The Power Rangers Comics Could Add For Past Teams

We take a look at how the Power Rangers comics can expand upon past seasons of the show.
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Power Rangers has gone beyond the original concept thanks to Boom! Studios. The Power Rangers comics have demonstrated how amazing the franchise can be just by fleshing out both the lore and characters previously seen. Because of the comic series, fantastic events such as Shattered Grid, Beyond the Grid, and even the Omega Rangers arc have blessed fans but there is much more they could provide.

Power Rangers has had many originals over the years, including the first battlizer seen in Power Rangers in Space and The Titanium Ranger in Lightspeed Rescue. Even though the franchise started as an adaptation of Super Sentai, the characters and lore seen in the show took a life of their own.

Thanks to the work of many in the past, more original concepts have appeared in Power Rangers that are even considered an improvement compared to the Japanese counterpart.

Boom! Studios’ work in the comic series has provided a lot of unique additions that have been so popular, they have expanded to releases in Video Games and even Lightning Collection figures. With so much potential in various seasons, here is more that Boom! Studios could do for Hasbro and their Power Rangers Universe.

Improve and expand Super Megaforce

Fans were so excited for this 20th-anniversary celebration series, especially as some had seen Gokaiger, the sentai counterpart. However, the series didn’t quite meet expectations and it’s one of the shows that didn’t reach its full potential. With the comics, much more could be added to it.

Along with more guest Ranger Characters, there are many additions that could be added to the series. This includes the various plot holes and further character development the show could have received. The comics are the best way to add more depth and explore a greater legacy, much like how they have given more substance to Mighty Morphin originals.

Beast Morphers – Green Ranger!

There were a lot of new much-needed additions placed in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, including the Morph-X keys and new weapons. However, there is one possibility many were hoping for but never came to be.

Many fans were hoping for a Green Ranger to be included in the series, which would have been paired with the Frog Zord. This Zord was seen in the sentai counterpart, Gobusters, but never appeared in the show.


This hopefully could have been Betty Burke, played by Kristina Ho, as she seemed like the perfect candidate, despite the character being comic relief with her brother, Ben. It also seemed like she gained an ability to stretch her body to great lengths at the end of season 1, which seemed like a perfect ability that she never kept.

There was also a male green hippo Ranger and a Black Ranger seen in the Gobuster Movie. It would have been great to see dark green and light green rangers together for the first time as a sibling duo of Ben and Betty, after the events of season 2 of the show. There are many ways these Rangers could be used in the comics and it would be amazing for them to debut, along with any new weapons and Zords.

Shift back in to Turbo

The Phantom Ranger is finally getting his story told, but he isn’t the only Turbo Ranger worth exploring. After the events of Power Rangers led to 4 members becoming Space Rangers, the powers were never really kept by anyone. The only one to still fully retain their powers for certain was Justin, the Blue Turbo Ranger, but Turbo Ranger powers have made appearances a couple of times in live-action crossover episodes.

The suits and arsenal for this team are so amazing and iconic, so it’s a shame they aren’t fully utilized. New characters for the Turbo Rangers would be a huge event for the comics, especially with an older Justin returning to the spotlight. Boom! Studios could then do more with the concept than the TV show and maybe even add new weapons and Zords for fans to love and enjoy.

Power Rangers HyperForce Season 2

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Even with fans praying and posting with all their might, Power Rangers HyperForce has yet to be given the greenlight for HyperRPG to continue their Table-top RPG. A huge cliff-hanger had been left during the season 1 finale but Hasbro has yet to say if anything will allow it to finish.

One way that this could happen is through the comics as HyperForce Rangers do keep making appearances in Variant covers. They also appeared in the “Shattered Grid” event so fans that haven’t come across the HyperRPG series would have definitely seen them. There are so many fantastic characters and it would also be a shame if they didn’t make a return.

The most important feature for their return via the comics would be to finish their story. This is due to the antagonist changing the past so that Zordon couldn’t be destroyed, and evil Rita and Lord Zedd had statues during the era of the Time Force police. It would be amazing to see their adventure continue and see how the HyperForce Rangers will fix the timeline, along with any weapons and Megazords that have yet to feature.

Explore the Lost Galaxy

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy was an amazing space exploration series that followed after Power Rangers in Space. The Rangers had a full set of lore with their powers, however, it was the origins of their powers that had the most mystery.

From the Quazar Sabers to the Galacta Beasts, all powers relating to the Galaxy Rangers came from the Lost Galaxy. The Lost Galaxy was also home to villain Captain Mutiny, who was the main villain in the Super Sentai counterpart, Gingaman.


Although there were some episodes that featured the Lost Galaxy, there is way more potential for storytelling. Whether it be adding a new story set there, adding new characters and maybe even Galacta Beasts, or even discovering why the Quazar Sabers left the Galaxy in the first place. Boom! Studios could do so much with this huge Ranger location.

Toy Exclusives Realized

There were many toys that were released over the years for different seasons of Power Rangers. Many of these exclusives were never were seen in the show, which is a shame as there are a ton of great designs that were left behind. Some of these releases even expanded beyond what the Sentai counterpart contained.

These releases included new Zords, exclusive Weapons, and even brand new Rangers. The best of the bunch include other Dino Charge Zords that include Deinosuchus and Archelon zords, unique modes including the High-stance mode of the Turbo Falcon Zord, and exclusive Rangers such as the RPM Mammoth, T-Rex, and Tricera Rangers.

These all could be used to expand the adventure of various seasons and it would be a shame for their creation to never be seen again. Hopefully, the comics can bring them back and even make them a canon piece of the Power Rangers universe.

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The Power Rangers comics are sure to continue providing fans with much more content to enjoy. It’s great that the format allows for the stories and general universe to grow even greater than the live-action content provides. Hopefully, these features will one day appear in the Boom! Studios’ format but fans will just have to wait and see.

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