Power Rangers Unlimited: Coinless

Boom! Studios have announced Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless as an upcoming comic to release this year. The latest Power Rangers comic will be a one-shot feature to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise. The latest Power Rangers Unlimited release from the universe comic book line has been teased to include fan-favored […]

Hasbro Confirms Plans To Reinvent The Power Rangers Franchise

Hasbro has confirmed their plans to reinvent the Power Rangers franchise after Power Rangers Dino Fury with a new era that will be “creating a new universe for a broader audience across film, premium TV, animation & kids content” at their recent Investor Event. We previously reported back in July of last year that Hasbro […]

An Old Foe Appears In POWER RANGERS: Drakkon New Dawn Issue #1: REVIEW

The latest Power Rangers comic spin-off is here in the form of Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn, a continuation of the Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer one-shot released back in June. The Ranger Slayer one-shot saw the Coinless version of Kimberly Hart (formerly known as the Ranger Slayer) taking the thrown from the seemingly deceased Lord […]

Power Rangers Reveals Time Force Black Ranger And More At Comic-Con At Home Panel

It’s Morphin Time! The Power Rangers are on the scene as San Diego Comic-Con At Home continued this weekend. The panel Mighty Morphin / Power Rangers featured some famous faces such as Erin Cahill and Steve Cardenas who played Jen and Rocky respectively, as well as Ryan Parrott, Marco Renna, and Dafna Pleban and Matthew […]