BRENNAN MEJIA, Red Dino Charger Ranger, Shares His Experience Filming The Massive Beast Morphers Dino Reunion

Brennan Mejia talks about almost coming back in Ninja Steel and taking a jiu-jitsu class with Austin St. John in our interview at Los Angeles Comic Con 2021.
Brennan Mejia

Brennan Mejia talks about almost coming back in Ninja Steel, “Grid Connection” and taking a jiu-jitsu class with Austin St. John in our interview at Los Angeles Comic Con 2021.

I had the special opportunity to interview the Red Dino Charge Ranger, Tyler Navarro himself, Brennan Mejia. The Red Dino Charge Ranger is considered one of the most popular Red Power Rangers in recent history and is considered a high favorite among fans. The character’s arc in which he has to find his lost father (The Aqua Ranger) was one of the main arcs during the first season of Dino Charge. Not to mention Tyler’s journey in becoming a great and humble leader to his teammates. Dino Charge is considered a favorite among fans due to its cast and its unique villains.  

As fans know Tyler came back for two episodes on Season 2 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Those special episodes were “Finders Keepers” and the Dino Ranger Reunion called “Grid Connection.” It was a very special and iconic episode, mainly because it showed the return of the original Red Ranger, Jason Scott, reprised by none other than Austin St. John. The episode also marked the return of the Dino Charge cast which featured Davi Santos (Gold Dino Charge), Yoshi Sadarso (Blue Dino Charge), James Davies (Black Dino Charge), Michael Taber (Green Dino Charge: Voice Only), and Camille Hyde (Pink Dino Charge: Voice Only).

Grid Connection Brennan Mejia Austin St. John Beast Morphers

The return of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (In Suits) and the Dino Thunder Cast (In Suits) was truly remarkable. But despite the presence of so many Rangers, the most incredible part was the return of the iconic Mighty Morphin Villain, Goldar. Goldar comes back far more powerful in the form called Goldar Maximus. It took the return of all three Dino Themed Megazords Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder and Dino Charge, to take him down.

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At Los Angeles Comic Con 2021, we were able to talk to Brennan Mejia on The Illuminerdi’s sister page The Morphin Network. We asked about his experience returning as a Ranger for “Grid Connection,” and what was it like to suit up with the original Red Ranger.

The Morphin Network’s interview with Brennan Mejia

Morphin Network: So you were in, let’s say this very special anniversary episode. Can you tell us what was it like being called in and a part of this anniversary special?

Brennan Mejia: Well I almost came back for Ninja Steel. Uhm there was a lot of emails, back and forth about bringing the Dino Charge Cast back. As we know Yoshi was the only one to come back from Dino Charge. So I was a bit bummed to be honest, because I really wanted to go back and work on Rangers again. So when they hit me up for this, so I was like okay yeah we will see, and then it actually happened. So I was like oh ok actually I am going back and getting to do the team up with Austin St. John original Red Ranger. So super cool, dream come true for sure.

Morphin Network: Now let me ask you this, what was it like working for Austin St. John?

Brennan Mejia: It was really cool, uhm we actually did a jiu-jitsu class together out there so I got to roll on the mat with him and Yoshi. That’s also including some of the stunt guys too. He’s just a down-to-earth dude. Getting to hear stories about filming original Power Rangers, and just hanging out with him in the city grabbing dinner… Super cool guy!

Watch the interview (above) to everything we talked about with Brennan Mejia.

Brenna Mejia Red Dino Charge

“Grid Connection” in return, became one of the most beloved and well-received special anniversary episodes in Power Rangers history. When Saban originally skipped Go-Busters the Super Sentai counterpart of Beast Morphers, it became highly unlikely that an adaptation of “Grid Connection” would come true. But thankfully, “Grid Connection” became a reality and fans were able to see one of the greatest Ranger Team Up episodes of all time.

What questions would you ask Brennan Mejia? Who is your favorite Red Ranger? Who has the coolest Dinozord? Let us know what you think in the comments and share all your thoughts about Power Rangers/Super Sentai with us on social media.

Source: Morphin Network

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