Digimon Con, a Huge World-Wide Online Event, Announced for February 2022

Digimon Con, a world-wide online event for all Digimon fans, has been announced!
Digimon Con

Digimon Convention Online (Digimon Con) has been announced for all Digimon fans around the world. The event was posted on social media and will stream live on Bandai’s Official YouTube Channel. This will be a brand new convention that will allow fans to enjoy the Digimon franchise with exclusive programming.

Digimon first started as a Virtual Pet device as a masculine alternative for Tamagotchi. Designs were influence by American comics as it was developed then debuted as a Manga and then as a TV anime series in 1999. The anime has many series, with some featuring completely new stories along with brand new Digimon.

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Sadly, Digimon slowly dwindled and disappeared from the global zeitgeist, except for Japan. Various games started releasing for current generation consoles only for the Japanese market was able to enjoy. Due to a fan-made petition, the overwhelming demand finally allowed them to release in the West, causing a Digimon resurgence. This led to the Digimon Tri movies, the reboot of Digimon Adventures, and now, Digimon Ghost Game that is available on Crunchyroll.

With More Digimon Content, Comes the Digimon Convention

Digimon Con

Now with all this content the franchise has given fans to enjoy over the years, Bandai is giving Digimon fans the Digimon convention, Digimon Con. Digimon Con is an online convention that will be featured as a special live stream event. The event was announced with the poster shown above.

The key Digimon on the poster are a perfect presentation of recent Digimon releases. This includes Agumon, Pulsemon, and Gammamon. Agumon is the mascot of Digimon Adventures (2020), Pulsemon is from the first released Vital Bracelet, and Gammamon is featured in the brand new Digimon Ghost Game.

Digimon Con will feature:

  • Digimon anime special planning segment
  • Digimon series game info segment
  • Digimon Vital Bracelet Series new info and special app-related planning segment
  • Announcement of the initial selection results of the Digimon Illustration Competition
  • Special live performance by singer Ayumi Miyazaki
Digimon Digivice Digimon Con

Digimon Con will stream live on February, 26th 2022 starting at 5pm PST. The online convention will be available streamed via the Bandai Official Channel on YouTube for all Digimon fans worldwide. For more information on the event, check out the official Digimon site.

The Digimon Convention is poised to be a great event. However, some fans. such as in the UK, will need to either be up at 1am to participate or watch the recorded event after it livestreams.

What do you think of Digimon Con? Are you excited about any of the features scheduled? Will you be able to attend the event? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow The Illuminerdi for more updates and information as they become available.


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