Kingpin’s Shadow Looms Over The World Of Hawkeye In New Poster

hen Vincent D'Onofrio was reported to reprise his role as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, fans were both terrified and excited for what the future would hold.
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When Vincent D’Onofrio was reported to reprise his role as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye in July 2021, fans were both terrified and excited for what the future would hold. Kingpin was a fan-favorite villain in the Marvel Netflix series, but would he stay the same in the MCU? Would he be the same character? Would he look the same? Would he act the same? When Hawkeye Episode 5 premiered on December 15, fans got their first glimpse at what Kingpin looked like, and fans were relieved that it was the same version of Fisk as the one from Daredevil. Now, we have a new poster, one that shows Kingpin’s shadow over the MCU.

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In a newly released poster from the Hawkeye TV series on Disney+, fans got a good look at Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, who are the most prominent in the poster. Lucky the Pizza Dog was next, with Yelena Belova and Maya Lopez in the second tier as well. In the third tier, Kazi, Eleanor Bishop, Jack Duquesne, and the main members of the Tracksuit Mafia. In what could be called the “zero tier”, though, you see Kingpin’s oval-shaped head, with his large body as a shadow looming over the entire cast. That’s meant to represent that Kingpin sees all and controls all, even though nobody knows who he is.

The full poster can be seen below:


The poster as a whole is quite nice, as it shows all the members of the main cast. The most surprising appearances were Florence Pugh and Kingpin’s shadow on the poster, though, as they were a surprise for fans in the fourth and fifth episodes, respectively. It’s surprising if you count the poster as a promotional piece of work that fans are meant to see before they see the series, but if they’re meant to see this post-finale, or at least post-Episode 5, then it’s not too much of a shocker. Overall, the poster is really well done, there are Christmas lights decorating the outside, and both the high-rises and suburbs of New York City are displayed.

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