George Clooney May Be Directing MCU’s New Moon Knight Series

Thanks to a wayward post, George Clooney is rumored to be directing Moon Knight on Disney+.
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Is George Clooney ready for his Marvel close-up?

As the Moon Knight series has been under wraps for a long time, including extreme secrecy with regard to its cast members, rumors have abounded nonstop.


The latest one is that Academy Award winning actor George Clooney is involved in the upcoming Disney + series.

George Clooney Meets Moon Knight?

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Going back to Disney+ Day, fans got an inside look at the Marvel series and Oscar Isacc’s character Marc Spector, AKA Moon Knight. But it seems there are more exciting spoilers in store, since George Clooney has emerged as a possible director for Moon Knight.

It was reported by The Direct that assistant art director Marc Toressin posted a new update on his website about the MCU series. Toressin also included a photo of what appears to be the list of crew members for the upcoming series. The evidence shows not only the names of crew members involved, but also lists George Clooney’s name as the Director.

This is far from the globally-recognized actor’s first project as a director, having already garnered plenty of acclaim helming movies such as Good Night and Good Luck (2005), Leatherheads (2008), The Ides of March (2011), The Monuments Men (2014), Suburbicon (2017), and The Midnight Sky (2020). He also has a good working relationship with Isaac, since they both starred together in Suburbicon – a bond that lends itself to advantage when transitioning into the MCU. With the plot and episode details still in secrecy, it will be interesting to see how George Clooney takes on the story about the hero.

With Clooney being the series director, the 60-year-old actor could also have a potential role if Marvel were to agree. One of the possibilities is for Clooney to play the Egyptian God, Khonshu. Although we can see it is a perfect fit for the actor, nothing has been said or confirmed as of yet. As for the details behind the Marvel series, the only confirmation we have thus far is the following actors are sure to appear: Oscar Isaac, May Calamawy, Loic Mabanza, and Jean-Paul DuChamp.

What we know about the character is that Marc Spector was a former mercenary struggling with dissociative identity disorder, although in the series he is a U.S. marine. When he first came across the statue of the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu, he was then granted with powers to redeem his life of violence by protecting and avenging the innocent. However, he also realizes the abilities bestowed by the Moon God are not only a blessing but a curse to add to his troubled life.

Moon Knight will be full of surprises and, with the series being a year a way, fans have a lot of time to wonder what kind of adventures the character will face.

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Marvel’s Moon Knight series is set to premiere on Disney plus in 2022. So what do you guys think of Clooney directing the Moon Knight series? Do you think he will be stared in the series? Let us know in the comments and follow The Illuminerdi’s social media page for more exciting content.


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