Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers Address Loki Connection

The writers of No Way Home address whether there's a connection between Loki and Spider-Man's multiverse problems.
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Loki opened the door to the multiverse, but Peter Parker went all the way through it.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is proving to be one of Marvel Studios successful and most important films of all time. The third installment of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy is already breaking box office records and is not stopping anytime soon.


The main reason for No Way Home‘s success is return or many past villains in Spider-Man’s cinematic past and the plot involving the Multiverse. Many fans around the world rejoiced when Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus, Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman, Rhys Ifans’ Lizard, and Jaime Foxx’s Electro would reprise their roles and return in No Way Home. However, the biggest moment both emotional and awe-inspiring when fans finally found out that Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man made their triumphant return.

Loki Messes With The Spider-Verse

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This also marked the first time that multiple characters from another studio made an appearance or starred in an MCU project. These past villains and two Spider-Man variants were able to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Doctor Strange’s magic spell, but according to No Way Home‘s writers, Loki the God Of Mischief himself might have had some connection to it all.

For fans who watched Loki which all episodes are now in Disney Plus, the series focuses and explores the Multiverse. As the show revealed, the MCU is the Sacred Timeline and the Time Variance Authority’s (TVA) main job is to keep the timeline in tact – meaning no abnormal events of reality or the appearance of Variants should appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As was revealed in the show, the Loki we see is a Variant that was created during the Avengers: Endgame. This happens when Iron Man goes back in time during the Battle Of New York to get the Space Stone, but he hilariously and accidentally frees Loki with the stone in hand and escapes.

In the main timeline Loki becomes a good guy and redeems himself, but unfortunately he gets killed tragically killed by Thanos while attempting to help save his brother Thor. In the series, the Loki Variant get captured by the TVA and meets another Variant of himself – this time a female who calls herself Sylvie. The series then guides us through the adventures of Loki and Slyvie as they find out who’s in charge of the TVA and more about the Multiverse.

In the end of the series we find out that a Variant of Kang The Conqueror was in charge of running the TVA. We also find out he was in charge of maintaining the Sacred Timeline (The Marvel Cinematic Universe itself) and made sure no other realities or Multiverses would converge. But in the end, Sylvie kills the Kang Variant and his death activates branches or different universes converging with the Sacred Timeline.

The writers of the film explained in a recent interview how this tied in with the Multiverse in Spider-Man,

The writers told The Wrap that the consequences of having all of these past cinematic villains could affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe narratively.

We were already down this road when that ‘Loki’ finale happened. We all felt like, this really helps. This is great because it shows that there is trouble in the multiverse. Whether certain things that were happening in ‘Loki’ line up in terms of the timeline exploding and is that the same time that Doctor Strange is casting the spell, I don’t know. There is, I’m sure, the Marvel talking points to that. But we were aware of a lot of the different things that were going on, and could we draw on those, how it would be affected by this thing, but ultimately we had our own giant story bear to wrestle with.

It seems that the multiversal connection between No Way Home and Loki is merely a coincidence, but then after hearing these statements it seems that Loki is the first part of a Multiverse Trilogy that started with Loki, continued with No Way Home, and now will be concluded in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. All we know that the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse is just getting started.


For the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, our friendly neighborhood hero’s identity is revealed, bringing his superhero responsibilities into conflict with his normal life and putting those he cares about most at risk.

When he enlists Doctor Strange’s help to restore his secret, the spell tears a hole in their world, releasing the most powerful villains who’ve ever fought a Spider-Man in any universe. Now, Peter will have to overcome his greatest challenge yet, which will not only forever alter his own future but the future of the Multiverse.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers Address Why Doctor Strange’s Spell Drew Venom to the MCU - The Illuminerdi

Spider-Man: No Way Home is officially out now in theaters worldwide. The film stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jacob Batalon, Marisa Tomei, J.B. Smoove, Benedict Wong, Alfred Molina, and Jamie Foxx. The film is written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, along with cinematography by Mauro Flore and music by Michael Giacchino. No Way Home is produced by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal and directed by Jon Watts.


Source: The Wrap


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