Christopher Khayman Lee, Power Rangers in Space Star, Talks About Andros in His New Fan Film ‘Bloodline of The Grid’

Christopher Khayman Lee talks Andros and Bloodline of the Grid with us at Anime Pasadena 2021
Christopher Khayman Lee

Andros the Red In Space Ranger, portrayed by Christopher Khayman Lee, is one of the most popular Power Rangers of all time. The character’s backstory is one of the franchise’s most unique and some can say the most mysterious of any Red Ranger. Andros’ narrative in Power Rangers is both somewhat tragic and also a form of redemption. During Power Rangers in Space, we find out that Andros is a human from the planet K0–35, and also the leader of the Space Rangers. Andros was also the one who gave the Space Powers to the four remaining former Turbo Rangers (TJ, Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley) to become newly upgraded and improved Space Rangers.

This also marked the first time in Power Rangers history that a Red Ranger gave the Ranger Powers to a team, while also being somewhat of a mentor figure. It’s because the Space Rangers did not really have a mentor figure in their season since their mission was to save Zordon himself. We also find Andros’ tragic backstory in which his sister Karone was kidnapped by the show’s main antagonist, Dark Specter. It is also revealed that Karone became corrupted and turned evil thus becoming the iconic villain Astronema.

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During the final battle and the series finale, we see Dark Specter’s forces completely take over the galaxy. Here Andros is tasked with helping Zordon sacrifice himself in order for his spirit of good to spread across the Galaxy. Thus either destroying or purifying any evil or dark forces. Despite having to kill his mentor, Zordon, Andros did have a happy ending with Karone once again becoming a good person and joining the Space Rangers for their implied future adventures.

Christopher Khayman Lee

Though Power Rangers In Space ended, it would not be Andro’s final appearance in the franchise. The iconic Red Ranger was featured in many other crossovers episodes in the Power Rangers seasons that followed. Those episodes were ‘To The Tenth Power’ (Lost Galaxy), ‘The Power Of Pink ‘(Lost Galaxy), ‘Forever Red’ (Wild Force), ‘Legacy Of Power’ (Dino Thunder, Archive Footage Only), ‘Legendary Battle’ (Super Megaforce, In Suit Only), and ‘Making Bad’ (Beast Morphers, Archive Footage Only).

Andros was played by actor and comic book writer Christopher Khayman Lee. Khayman Lee is considered a legend among the Power Rangers fans and with the work he has done with the Rangers, it is not surprising. I had the opportunity to interview Khayman Lee at Anime Pasadena 2021 for my page, and the Illuminerdi’s sister site, The Morphin Network. During the interview, I asked about Khayman Lee’s new fan film series Bloodline Of The Grid which is set years after In Space‘s finale and focuses on his character, Andros.

Christopher Khayman Lee Anime Pasadena 2021 Interview

MORPHIN NETWORK: You are part of this awesome fan film Bloodline Of The Grid, so can you tell us more about your character, because it’s basically a sequel to Andros’ story.

CHRISTOPHER KHAYMAN LEE: Yeah it’s picking up from where the show left off like twenty-something years ago. So basically it’s the same character, but where is he now, what is going on with him now. So yeah, he’s grown up, he is not a kid, so he looks a little different, and I cannot tell you how many times people come up to me and tell me, hey you look like Kano!

And I was like (laughing joyfully) shut up. Also, you know what we have an explanation (Andros’ new look in the fan film) for what’s going on with the eye and all that stuff. So, it will come out very soon, everybody will hear what’s going on. So I am going to keep my mouth shut though about it for right now I can’t.

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MORPHIN NETWORK: What can we expect for Extended Universe, without any spoilers of course?

CHRISTOPHER KHAYMAN LEE: Well for Bloodline Of The Grid what we are doing, a lot of violence. We are going to be doing a lot of violence. We are doing what we can to make it not G-Rated. We are not going to hit R rating yet, but we are building up to it. So there is going to be a lot of violence, a lot of backstabbing, a lot of betrayals, and stuff coming up. Also and some heartbreak I guess. I don’t want to give anything away right now.

MORPHIN NETWORK: So I mean they did go and touch on what happened to your character during this awesome comic book storyline The Psycho Path. So can you tell us what you thought of this comic book storyline when you read it?

CHRISTOPHER KHAYMAN LEE: It’s ok I don’t (laughing hilariously) like Psycho Green, sorry that’s it, I don’t like Psycho Green. Hey you know what you are getting the very PG-Rated version of this from me, because don’t even bring this to Patrick (Red Psycho Ranger) he will (laughs hilariously) set fire to the book. He was like what is this Green, Psycho Green Crap, I don’t like him. I mean I am in a comic book and the hair looks pretty good and all that I wish it was more of a mohawk, but what the heck, hey I am in a comic! I will take it!

The legacy of Andros will forever be in the hearts and memories of Ranger fans. Andros’ appearances in the franchise showed fans that even during tough and difficult times, to never give up the fight. Andros embodied this sentiment countless times throughout Power Rangers in Space, where he overcame his trials and tribulations with his mind and soul. His unyielding spirit is why he is such an iconic Red Power Ranger. Hopefully, the franchise brings Khayman Lee back in his iconic role in the near future.

Are you excited about Blood Line of the Grid? Do you have both of Khayman Lee’s Andros figures? When do you think we’ll see Andross again? Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to share any and all of your Power Rangers thoughts with us on Twitter.

Source: Morphin Network

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