New ‘One Piece’ Set Photos Leak Online With 1st Look at Alvida’s Ship

One Piece

A glimpse at the One Piece live-action series has been possibly found by fans for Alvida’s Ship. The Netflix anime adaptation hasn’t given fans an update since the production teased at Jump Fiesta. As images of the show has been discovered, word on whether they are still in the pre-production process has yet to be confirmed.

One Piece is a pirate anime series that follow the adventures of Monkey D Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. The series features a diverse mix of looks and personalities, with some pirates having special qualities and abilities from eating one of many unique Devil Fruit.

Along with cast for the live-action series, the ships themselves are considered characters themselves. This means that the production for the anime adaptation has the challenge of making the epic ships, which have their own unique appearance to match the crew.

First Look At the Ship From One Piece

Alvida’s Ship, The Miss love Duck, in the anime is a iconic pink, three-mast vessel, with hearts on the sails and a swan-inspired figurehead. Here is the post of the possible sighting, courtesy of @OP_Netflix_Fan and @Risebito.

Although it seems to lack the deep-toned pink, the figurehead looks very similar to the design. Even though Alvida has a minor role in the series, the characters will still be interesting to see portrayed. Hopefully, this will be one of many to appear as production fully sets sail. It will also be interesting to see both versions of Alvida if the Live-action series progresses to more arcs.

There are two forms of Alvida in One Piece, which are seen in her first appearance in beginning episodes and as a secondary . She is a female antagonist that first appears as a obese women with a white cowgirl hat and has great strength that her crew fears. She also sees herself as a beautiful women and hurts anyone that disagrees, however, her appearance changes later in the story when she find and eats her own Devil fruit. The larger form will be interesting to see in the live-action but her ship with its bright color palette is hard to imagine in real life.

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Other images of Luffy’s Going Merry has even previously seen before. This signature ships and others have made appearances on social media and were taken in Cape Town filming Studio, which is said to be where the series is set to film. It was thanks to the same fan that we are able to see them as seen below.

One Piece is certainly quirky and has so many unique characters. The effects alone will be one of the highlights for fans to see in this live-action adaptation, especially Luffy’s Gum-Gum Fruit abilities. The ships are one important feature of the show, even as characters themselves, so it’s great that they are fully bringing them to life for the live-action series. The whole story will likely only focus on the first story arc, so if successful, there is so much story the live-action show could cover.

Many fans are hoping to see much more even before the official Trailer is released so it will be exciting to find out what ship may appear next.

What do you think of Alvida’s Ship? Do you think this will look great in the live-action anime? Are you excited to see the live-action series of One Piece?  Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more anime.

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