New Valkyrie Suit Unveiled For Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder Valkyrie

Valkyrie has quickly become a fan-favorite MCU character since Thor: Ragnarok. With just 2 appearances on the record for Tessa Thompson, it seems shocking that her character would be such a role model to others, given that she was only introduced in Late 2017.

However, since then, Valkyrie has turned into an inspiration for young girls, who are doing everything from dressing up as the character for Halloween to trying to be a real-life superheroine like her. People all over the world are trying to replicate her superstar nature – minus the heavy drinking, of course.


Valkyrie was first introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a former warrior for Asgard turned heavy drinker and bounty hunter. She lives an adventurous life on the scrap planet of Saakar, and collects people for the Grandmaster. She’s awakened from her drunk trance by Thor, whom she helps get off Saakar and kill Hela, the goddess of death. She then travels to Earth, and becomes the queen of New Asgard.

Valkyrie’s New Suit For Thor: Love and Thunder Is Unveiled In A New Instagram Post

She’s currently set to appear officially in Thor: Love and Thunder, but recent set photos leaked from The Marvels, which point to her involvement in that film as well.

In a recent tweet from user @ReginaBenavid18 on Twitter, the user posted a supposed selfie of Tessa Thompson posing in her Valkyrie costume. It’s unknown how the user came to possess that image. The tweet can be found below:

Valkyrie’s new costume is a clear upgrade from the version she wore in Avengers: Endgame, and Thor: Ragnarok. The older version had more white and light gray featured, which hints of blue, which this costume seems to feature more of a black and white aesthetic, with blue etched along the edges. It’s unknown how Valkyrie will play into either The Marvels or Thor: Love and Thunder, but with the latter releasing first, it’s not a bad guess to say that L&T could lead into The Marvels. More guesses on Twitter say that The Marvels takes place before Thor: Love and Thunder, so the former will lead into the latter.


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