Difilippo Triplets Share How They Would Have Wanted Trey Of Triforia Adapted if the 2017 Power Rangers Movie Had Sequels

What would Trey Of Triforia look like if the 2017 film continued? The Difilippo Triplets share what they would have wanted for the Zeo Gold Ranger.
Difilippo Triplets Gold Ranger Zeo

What would Trey Of Triforia look like if the 2017 film continued? The Difilippo Triplets share what they would have wanted for the Zeo Gold Ranger.

Trey Of Triforia is one of the most popular Gold Rangers in Power Rangers. He is also the first and original Gold Ranger to appear in the series. Trey Of Triforia was played by the Difilippo Triplets (Tommy, Teddy, and Tim). When Trey first appeared in Power Rangers: Zeo, his unique ability to multiply himself into three different personalities fascinated fans. Those three different personalities were Wisdom (Tommy), Courage (Ted), and Heart (Tim). I had the special opportunity in interviewing the Triplets on The Illuminerdi’s sister page Morphin Network at a local comic book store, We Can Be Heroes Comics, located in Chatsworth, California.

When the 2017 Power Rangers movie was released, there were originally plans for a potential film franchise. Unfortunately, plans for the sequels did not happen due to negative reviews from critics. The 2017 film also bombed the box office, only grossing a little more than $142 million globally. On the bright side, a majority of fans did enjoy the movie. One of Power Rangers‘ best aspects of the film was that it honored and paid homages to the T.V series lore. An example of this was making the Zeo Crystal the main McGuffin. 

In Zeo, the Zeo Crystal was the Zeo Power Rangers’ source of power. If sequels to the 2017 film were made it’s possible that it could have focused on the Zeo Powers. So it could have been possible that Trey and the Gold Zeo Powers would be a major factor in the scrapped sequels. During the interview, I asked the Difilipp Triplets how they would have liked to see Trey adapted theatrically Additionally, I asked the Triplets who they would want cast as Trey.

Difilippo Triplets Interview at We Can Be Heroes Comics

MORPHIN NETWORK: Power Rangers did have a current movie in 2017. Now unfortunately it didn’t continue, but if there were any sequels or a continuation what would you have liked to see portrayed as in those sequels?

DIFILIPPO TRIPLETS: Well I would say that we would have liked to portray individually what Trey Of Wisdom his personality. Then my personality as Trey Of Heart and Teddy’s personality as Trey Of Courage. Then the three of us joined together and our powers have been expanded for twenty-five years. So I think that would be powerful for the Power Rangers to see. Anybody that’s watching this in the comments below let us know what you guys would like to see.

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What kind of powers you guys would like to see. What would you like to see from Triforia or maybe some queens in Triforia. Maybe even princesses, ships, or even have the other Power Rangers come in. You know like the Power Rangers come over Triforia and have space ships. Like a Star Wars ship that would be pretty sick! As you can see we have a lot of ideas.

MORPHIN NETWORK: Now let me ask this who would you guys cast to play as you in a movie? Well in a Power Rangers Zeo movie.

DIFILIPPO TRIPLETS: If we could, I would cast Robert Downey Jr, because they say we look a lot like him. Iron Man baby, yeah I think Iron Man for sure. Who else maybe Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck) or Robin, and even the Joker! So three.

Difilippo Triplets | Morphin Network Interview
Difilippo Triplets Gold Ranger Zeo

The interest of Trey Of Triforia has resurged among Power Rangers fans because of the Difilippo Triplets’ return to the comic convention circuit after a long hiatus. With Power Rangers gaining renewed interest, Hasbro could bring back Trey and revisit his character. Maybe potentially for a future film or spin-off series based on Triforia. All we know is that It’s Time For A Gold Rush!

Power Rangers Zeo stars Catherine Sutherland as Kat Hillard / Zeo Ranger I Pink, Nakia Burrise as Tanya Sloan / Zeo Ranger II Yellow, Steve Cardenas as Rocky DeSantos / Zeo Ranger III Blue, Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park / Zeo Ranger IV Green, Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver / Zeo Ranger V Red, Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott / the Gold Ranger, David Yost as Billy Cranston, Paul Schrier as Bulk, Jason Narvy as Skull, Richard Genelle as Ernie, Gregg Bullock as Det. Stone, with Ted, Tim, and Tom DiFilippo (The Difilippo Triplets) as Trey of Triforia / the Gold Ranger.

Have you gotten your Zeo Gold Ranger gear singed by the Difilippo Triplets? Would you like to see them/Trey return to Power Rangers? Who is your favorite Gold Ranger in the franchise? Let us know what you think in the comments below and share all your Power Rangers thoughts with us on Twitter.

Source: Morphin Network

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