Jacqueline Scislowski, Power Rangers: Beast Mophers Star, Wishes Her Relationship with the Gold Ranger was more developed

Jacqueline Scislowski shares how she wishes her relationship with the Gold Ranger would have been more developed in Power Rangers: Beast Morphers.

Jacqueline Scislowski shares how she wishes her relationship with the Gold Ranger would have been more developed in Power Rangers: Beast Morphers.

Power Rangers has a rich history when it comes to friendships and relationships. Within the show’s 26 year history, there have been notable couples that have been featured in Power Rangers, Like Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart (Mighty Morphin), Tommy Oliver and Katherine Hillard (Zeo), Andros and Ashley Hammond (In Space), and Wes Collins and Jen Scotts (Time Force), to name a few. So it was no surprise that In Beast Morphers we get another Ranger Couple.

In Beast Morphers, we get the relationship between the Yellow Ranger, Zoey (Jacqueline Scislowski), and the Gold Ranger Nate (Abraham Rodriguez). They became a couple in Season 1. Their relationship was one of the highlights in Beast Morphers. However, as Season 2 progressed the series did not further develop their romantic relationship.

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Thankfully, I had a special opportunity to interview Jacqueline Scislowski herself on my page, and The Illuminerdi’s sister channel, the Morphin Network at Anime Pasadena 2021. I asked Jacqueline about her thoughts on the relationship between Beast Morphers Gold and Yellow.

Jacqueline Scislowski Interview at Anime Pasadena 2021

MORPHIN NETWORK: So we do know that you and Abe’s character Nate are technically a couple… do you feel that the show explored more on that. Mainly because in Season 2 we didn’t really see much. Which of course was a disappointment, but do you feel or wish that they did more for that relationship?

JACQUELINE SCISLOWSKI: Yeah I definitely wished they would have. I think that they could have utilized their relationship like within each episode a little bit more. Because I definitely feel like they waited until certain episodes to highlight it and I wish that you could see a little bit more of a connection throughout the whole season. So yeah I was definitely also a little bit disappointed but hopefully, there will be another season maybe or something one day.

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MORPHIN NETWORK: Hopefully they can bring your characters back because in Time Force they did develop like Wes and Jen’s relationship in a team-up episode. So hopefully in another team-up episode, they can do something similar to that. What was also cool was that your characters started off as friends too. So it was a good friendship to relationship.

JACQUELINE SCISLOWSKI: Yeah and I definitely agree. Also yeah it was a nice a little authentic like kind of snowballing love affair that actually happened.

I asked Jacqueline her thoughts on the relationship between  Beast Morphers Gold and Yellow.

Jacqueline Scislowski’s Zoey Reeves is one of the franchise’s most popular and unique Yellow Rangers. What is also special about Zoey is that she is the first Yellow Ranger in the Hasbro Era. Zoey is also a fan favorite among fans due to her quirky, fun-loving, and determined nature shown in the series. Her relationship with Nate was also a good example of how a close bond, or friendship, can become a loving relationship.

It was such a shame that the writers of Beast Morphers did not explore more of Zoey and Nate’s relationship in their second season. But who knows, Hasbro could potentially bring back Zoey and Nate later in the franchise to further explore their relationship. We are hoping, as fans, for a team-up or crossover episode with a future season.

What did you think of the Yellow and Gold Rangers’ relationship? Do you wish it would have been explored more too? Who is your favorite Ranger couple? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and be sure to share all your Power Rangers thoughts and theories with us on Twitter.

Source: Morphin Network

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