Abraham Rodriguez, Power Rangers Beast Morphers Star, Talks About his Delightful Time Filming Saved By The Bell S2

Abraham Rodriguez, who starred in Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, shared a few details about his experience in the rebooted sitcom series Saved by the Bell
Abraham Rodriguez

Actor Abraham Rodriguez, who starred in Hasbro’s Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, shared a few details about his experience in the rebooted sitcom series Saved by the Bell, including Season Two, which aired back in November 2021.

The 21-year-old actor explained how in the first season of the Saved By the Bell reboot he got to learn the dynamics and his character (Spencer Buckley) since the story began with a new group of students coming to Bayside High. At Bayside, the students were generally from overprivileged families and the new incoming students come from working-class families. The series also brings back members of the original cast such as Mario Lopez, Elizabeth of Berkley, and many more.

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With Season 2 already aired, there is a lot to consider when it comes to Junior year and Rodriguez finds the new season better and more settling. For Abraham Rodriguez, he said it was a dream come true to play such a fun character like Spencer as well as work with such an amazing cast who bonded with and especially the OG cast.

In an interview with Morphin Network at Anime Pasadena 2021, Abraham Rodriguez talked about playing Nate, aka the Gold Ranger, on Power Rangers: Beast Morphers and fun moments on Saved by the Bell.

Morphin Network Interview with Abraham Rodriguez

Saved by the Bell has been such an amazing experience, now with Season 2 that just came out it was even better, you know the first season was great and so much fun, it was good to learn the dynamic, the show, my character and everything,

Now for Season 2 I think everyone is more settled in all that. So, we just had fun and its such a fun character, I always wanted to play something like that. So it was another dream come true. It was filmed at Universal Studios which is super cool and its a great experience getting to work on a beautiful lot with such amazing people and such talented people like Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley, and all the OG cast. They are all so amazing and so great to work with even the new cast, I really bonded so well with them and created so many beautiful memories.”

Abraham Rodriguez | Morphin Network Interview

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From being the Gold Ranger to a Bayside high schooler, it looks like Abraham Rodriguez has built a great bond with not only his fellow cast members but also the original cast from the 1989 show. What we know about the second season for Saved by the Bell (2020) is that when the kids return to school they’ll be entering their junior year. Bayside High is setting up a major competition known as the Southern California School Spirit Competition.

Things are going to get interesting especially with Bayside’s rival, Valley High School. But most importantly, seeing the characters focus on their priorities like Jessie who is getting a divorce. Although the season has ended, there is no information as to whether the show will be renewed for a third season. This ambiguity is pretty upsetting.

Abraham Rodriguez

So what do you guys think about Saved by the Bell’s second season? What are some of your favorite episodes featuring Abraham Rodriguez? Do you want more Gold Ranger? Let us know in the comments and follow The Illuminerdi’s social media page for more upcoming content.

Source: Morphin Network

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