Anime Expo 2022 Badge Registration Opens Today For the Expo’s Amazing 30th Anniversary

One of the largest anime conventions, Anime Expo, has officially opened its general registration for 2022!
Anime Expo 2022

One of the largest anime conventions, Anime Expo, has officially opened its general registration for 2022!

Anime Expo (AX) is the largest Anime Convention in North America. The expo regularly gets hosted in Los Angeles; however, the show had been in other cities, such as San Jose, Anaheim, New York City, and even Tokyo. The first Anime Expo first held its first show in San Jose, California, in 1992 at the Red Lion Hotel. Then in 1994, the staff of Anime Expo decided to keep the event in Southern California and regularly hosted it in Los Angeles. The non-profit organization Society For The Promotion Of Japanese Animation hosts Anime Expo. This year marks the expo’s 30th Anniversary, and the showrunners announced that General Admission badges are now available.


General registration for AX 2022 became official today. The general audience can now purchase their badges on the official AX website, with prices shown. Fans who love Anime and want to attend should soon get their badges as quickly as possible. Anime Expo 2022 will be from July 1st until July 4th. The costs for a single day are Friday, July 1st ($70.00), Saturday, July 2nd ($70.00), Sunday, July 3rd ($70.00), and then Monday, July 4th ($50.00). The price for a four-day pass is $140.00. A four-day child pass (ages 6-13) costs $40.00. Then prices for Military and Veterans Discount are to be announced.

Anime Expo is a celebration and tribute to all things relating to Anime. The show showcases the many talents, artists, voice actors, voice actresses, musicians, directors, and anybody who helped contribute to the fantastic world of Anime. It was saddening that AX 2020 and 2021 were canceled due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

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They did have virtual events for those two years, but it was not the same as a live show or event. Now hopefully, this year is different, and fans can gather again and help celebrate all things Anime at the most extraordinary Anime Convention in the world. Hope to see you all at AX 2022!


Are you going to Anime Expo 2022? Did you enjoy the virtual expos? What are you hoping gets announced at this year’s expo? Let us know in the comments below or share your thoughts with us on Twitter.

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