Dragon Stars Stop Motion Video Contest Announced by Bandai America

Dragon Ball fans have a unique chance to win a special gift or reward in a new Dragon Stars video contest hosted by Bandai America.
Dragon Ball Super Dragon Stars

Dragon Ball fans have a unique chance to win a special gift or reward in a new Dragon Stars video contest hosted by Bandai America.

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime franchises of all time. The anime series has lasted more than thirty-six years and is currently airing with their latest show Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The series’s main character Goku is considered the most popular anime character and the greatest hero of the genre. The Dragon Ball franchise is also one of the most mainstream in media. The series has many spin-offs, video games, apparel, films, and many other forms of merchandise, including toys. Speaking of, Bandai America has announced a new contest involving their Dragon Ball-based toy line, Dragon Stars.

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Bandai America just announced that they holding a contest based on their toy line, Dragon Stars. The contest’s premise will be a voting format, and two lucky fans will have a chance to win a Dragon Ball-based prize. Bandai America also released a series of stop motion-based fight videos featuring these Dragon Stars figures on their YouTube channel. To participate, fans should head over to Bandai America’s official YouTube channel and share their Super Saiyan Blue Goku Vs. Golden Frieza video on their personal Social Media pages.

Additionally, while posting, fans have to share their thoughts on the stop motion video on their Social Media platforms. The contest closes on February 4th, and the two winners will get selected on that same date. Details of the prizes are a mystery, but we can all assume it to be Dragon Ball-based or related. They could be potentially an exclusive or rare Dragon Star toy, a ticketed event, or maybe exclusive autographs from the stars. 


Banda America has released a series of Stop Motion Videos abased in their Dragon Stars line. To celebrate, Banda America is holding a Dragon Stars Stop Motion Video Contest. Fans just have to share the video and what they love about it on their social media to enter.

“GUYS! Bandai America has launched a series of Dragon Stars stop motion videos and is turning it into a contest! HOW COOL! All you have to do is go visit their YouTube Channel, watch the video on the Super Saiyan Blue Goku Vs Golden Frieza video and share what you like about it on your social channels! Contest closes Feb 4!”

Bandai AMerica

2 Winners will be selected on February 4th

Overall Thoughts

Dragon Ball will forever be a staple in the world of Anime and Manga. The franchise itself has lasted over thirty-eight years. The series helped showcase and popularize Anime to western audiences, so it is no surprise the franchise is beloved by so many. Good luck and future congratulations to the two lucky fans who win the contest. If you’d like to begin or start your Dragon Stars collection, they are available at Amazon.

Will you be participating in the Dragon Stars Stop Motion Video Contest? Have you begun your Dragon Stars Collection? What is your favorite figure? Let us know in the comments below and share

Source: Bandai America

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