Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episode 6 Review – The Queen Stays Queen

The Queen Stays Queen! Check out our review for the sixth episode of Australian Survivor!

Sandra shows why she is the queen in today’s episode of Australian Survivor. Warning, this article will contain spoilers for Australian Survivor: Blood V Water episode 6, so if you have not yet seen the episode, you have been warned.

The episode started with the red tribe goofing around at camp. Jesse has been designated as the comic relief of the tribe and says that he knows that he has been underestimated so far, but he plans to use this to his advantage later on in the game.

On the blue tribe, they reminisce about Alex’s quit and talk about how their plans all went down the drain. Sophie is of course fairly happy to have survived another Tribal and Khahn is extremely happy to still have his idol. Sophie attempts to make an alliance with Khahn, however, he wants nothing to do with it.

Back at the red tribe, Sandra talks about her time in the game and how she wants to break the “Day 16 Curse” since the past two times she’s played she was voted out on day 16. She makes a plan to vote out David if their tribe goes to Tribal Council again, however, Amy does not like this idea as she is close with David. Amy then devises a plan with David and Jay to finally take out Sandra.

Sandra easily catches on to this plan and starts to bring in Jesse, Croc, Ben, and Jordan into her plan to vote out David. Croc, Ben, and Jordan feel that they are on the chopping block because they were aligned with Sophie so they quickly agree to this plan.

At the reward challenge, the two tribes must pick three people to go down a ramp to grab a ball in the water. Then they must bring the ball back up their ramp to score a point while the other tribe tries to stop them. The first tribe to three wins reward which is a classic club sandwich. The blue tribe wins 3-1.


Back at camp, the blue tribe enjoys their reward and Mark talks about how if they go to Tribal, they need to take out Sophie this time. To make sure Sophie doesn’t find an idol he searches for one under the table in front of the whole tribe, however, there is no idol to be found.

At the red tribe, they are disappointed that they didn’t win the reward challenge. Shortly after, Amy’s alliance starts to look for an idol which causes Sandra’s alliance to search as well. Amy finds the idol in the tree, which is the same spot Shay found her idol on the blue tribe. However, Michelle sees her find the idol and tells Sandra.

At the immunity challenge, both tribes must send someone out into the water to swim out to a net. Then they must climb the net to retrieve a ball. They must then swim back to the start and give the ball to a shooter who will toss the ball into a goal. The first tribe to five wins immunity. It was fairly even at the start, however, as the challenge went on the red tribe started to struggle and the blue tribe won immunity. After a tremendous effort from Croc, medical had to be called over because he wasn’t able to catch his breath. He was able to recover and both tribes returned to their camps.

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Bryce West

Bryce West

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