Australian Survivor Blood V Water Episode 5 Review – Sisters Reunited

Today's episode of Australian Survivor has fans talking. Find out why in our review for the fifth episode!

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water is back with a fairly controversial episode. Warning, this article will contain spoilers for Australian Survivor: Blood V Water episode 5, so if you have not yet seen the episode, you have been warned.

Today’s episode started just like pretty much every other episode has started with Khahn talking about how well he is playing while his tribemates continue to discuss how big of a threat he is. We also get to see how furious Sophie is after being voted off of the red tribe in the last episode. Sophie makes things fairly awkward for the blue tribe while her sister KJ, an Ex Flight Attendant, is worried that she might blow up her game.

Over on the red tribe, they are understandably upset with the outcome of last night’s Tribal Council. Two people who were especially concerned were Sandra and Sam. Sandra being the one who orchestrated the blindside and Sam being the one who betrayed Sophie. The red tribe then comes up with a plan to communicate with their loved ones on the other tribe and convince them to vote her off. Meanwhile, Sophie’s former alliance discusses that it would be best to distance themselves from her.

At the reward challenge, the two tribes must compete in a sumo-style challenge. The tribes must pick one person to go up against the other by pushing them off the platform using a bag. The first tribe to three points wins a cheese plater reward. Alex sits out for the blue tribe due to the back injury he received in episode 1, The blue tribe ultimately wins reward (3-2), however, Jonathan reveals that they will have to go to the red tribe’s camp to receive the reward.


At the red tribe’s camp, the blue tribe reunites with their family members and attempts to enjoy their reward. However, Sophie is making that difficult for both parties involved. She for some reason attacks her former alliance members for trying to avoid her even though they are just trying to save themselves after the alliance she created imploded. She also interrogates Sam about her betrayal.

Meanwhile, the red tribe continues to try to warn their loved ones about how dangerous Sophie is and that she needs to be voted out as soon as possible. Soon after the blue tribe returns to their camp.

At the immunity challenge, the two tribes must all hold up ten heavy logs by a rope. As players drop out it becomes increasingly difficult for the remaining tribe members to hold up the weight. The red tribe struggles throughout this challenge after everybody drops out one by one until Ben is the only person left holding up the weight of all ten logs. Meanwhile, the blue tribe seems to be doing well, however, near the end of the challenge people quickly drop out until it is just Sophie and Alex left. Both end up losing their grip in the end, giving red the victory with just one person holding up their weight for a good portion of the challenge.

At the blue tribe, the consensus is to vote out Sophie, however, KJ doesn’t want her sister to be voted out. She proposes that they go back to their original plan to flush Khahn’s idol at the next Tribal Council. The tribe eventually agrees, deciding to split the votes with five votes on Khahn, three votes on Shay, and three votes on Sophie. They attempt to make Khanh feel safe so he doesn’t use his idol. Ultimately Khahn feels that there is something fishy going on and considers using his idol.


At Tribal Council, everything seems to be going according to plan. All of the votes would have more than likely gone on Khahn, he probably would have played his idol causing a tie and then Sophie would have gone home. However, as Alex is asked to go up to vote he asks his tribemates to vote him out due to his ongoing back injury. The tribe refuses, however, Jonathan tells Alex that he cannot be forced to stay in the game if he no longer wants to compete. Alex then decides to quit the game making him the fourth person eliminated from Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.

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Bryce West

Bryce West

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