X-Men ’97: Episode Count & Tentative Release Date Revealed

The episode count and release date of the '90s animated X-Men series revival have apparently been revealed. 
x-men 97 release date

The episode count and release date of the ’90s animated X-Men series revival have apparently been revealed. 

When Disney announced that the hit 90s animated X-Men series would be getting a revival, fans of the original rejoiced. The announcement of the series revival got made on the first-ever Disney+ day. X-Men is one of Marvel’s most beloved animated shows and ran from 1992 till 1997. The animated series consisted of seventy-six well-written episodes and five successful seasons. The new series revival will be called X-Men ’97, and it will be a continuation of where the original 90s animated show left off.


Additionally, the new series will feature the return of multiple members of the original voice cast and many of the original creatives from the original show. With fans of the original series getting hyped, many wonders when the supposed release date and its episode count. We might have gotten our answers during a recent interview of two upcoming series consulting producers.

Showrunners Eric and Julia Lewald Reveal X-Men ’97 Episode Count and Potential Release Date

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Eric and Julia Lewald were the original showrunners of the original 90s X-Men animated show. The couple announced that they would return to Marvel and become consulting producers of the revival series. During a recent interview with YouTuber Justin Underwood, they revealed some insight into the upcoming series episode count and its supposed release.

Eric Lewald explained that:

“They want it to be an extension of X-Men: The Animated Series,”… “Whoever it is doing this new show is going to make it their own, no matter who is involved in it. There is great love and affection and respect from an entire group of people that are doing this show, starting at the top with Beau DeMayo, who’s the showrunner.”

I believe they’re looking at 10 episodes for the first season that’s going to come out mid-next year. They’re starting it soon after ours ended…” Where is [Professor X?]”

Eric Lewald

Lewald’s comments make it clear that the premiere of the new series will probably be in mid-2023. Also, her confirmation that the series will pick up right after the original series finale left is fantastic. The original ’90s animated show ended in somewhat of a cliffhanger. In the final episode of the original series, Professor X got severely injured and saw him leave Earth with Shi’ar Empress Lilandra Neramani. According to Lewald’s comments, the new season will continue with that story arc involving Professor X and potentially see the X-Men in space. 

X-Men ’97 will be the first time Marvel Studios produces content based on the X-Men. It will also be the first mutant-related content created by Marvel Studios since the Fox merger. Hopefully, the reimagined version is a successful hit and can potentially bring more iconic mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. X-Men ’97 will premiere on Disney+. The (more specific) date for the upcoming animated series is yet to get announced.

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