The Difilippo Triplets Share Excitement Over Trey Of Triforia’s New Playable Skin In Legacy Wars

Trey Of Triforia's civilian form - played by the Difilippo Triplets - has become a playable character in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, and the actors chatted about it.
Difilippo Triplets - Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Trey Of Triforia’s civilian form – played by the Difilippo Triplets – has become a playable character in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Trey Of Triforia is a rather unique characters in Power Rangers. He is the original Gold Power Ranger, who made his first appearance in Power Rangers: Zeo. Trey is from the planet Triforia and was an essential character in the series. He can multiply into three different personalities: Courage, Wisdom, and Heart. Each of the Difilippo Triplets (Tommy, Ted, and Tim) played an aspect of Trey Of Triforia. 


Recently, Trey Of Triforia has been making a resurgence among the Power Rangers fan community and franchise, mainly because the Difilippo Triplets have started doing comic conventions and fan events after a long hiatus. The character has also recently received his Hasbro Lightning figure, and had appearances in Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid and the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars online game.

However, Trey only appeared in morphed mode and not in his civilian form. Fortunately, they finally gave the character a playable civilian skin in Legacy Wars.

Our sister page, The Morphin Network, had the unique opportunity to interview the Difilippo Triplets. They asked the triplets their reaction when N-Way revealed that Trey’s civilian form was a playable avatar or skin in Legacy Wars and their thoughts of their character having a huge resurgence. Fellow Morphin Network member Leonard Moreno conducted the interview at The Comic Bug Comic Book store in Manhattan Beach, California. 

Difilippo Triplets Interview At The Comic Bug (Manhattan Beach, California)

Morphin Network: Trey Of Triforia’s going to be getting a civilian form. He’s going to be kicking a lot of butts. What are your thoughts on that?

The Difilippo Triplets: Loving it, oh yeah! Finally, baby, the Gold Rush is coming! Yes, it is!

Morphin Network: Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid and I must say your own lightning figure. What are your guys’ thoughts on this resurgence Trey Of Triforia? Everyone in the community wants more Trey Of Triforia.

The Difilippo Triplets: So do we. We think it’d be so great if we could come back out and they can explore each one of our characters, and also Triforia because no one knows anything about Triforia. I think a great idea would be a Power Rangers: Zeo movie with the original cast. They can explore all of Triforia.

They can explore us individually, but we can get our cast with us too because that’s what we were going to do back in 1997. There’s an advertisement for it that we were going to do a Power Rangers: Zeo movie that never got done and It would be so good for all of them to do it.

We were talking to Cat (Pink Zeo Ranger) and Nakia (Yellow Zeo Ranger) about it yesterday they are like “that would be so awesome”, so yeah we are really excited. Everything that Hasbro wants to do on Netflix from T.V series to film. But that film yeah we’re in. In 2018 when Hasbro brought us back to life it was an emotional experience truly because we know what we did, and a lot of people forgot what we did. We even forgot what we did.

But now twenty-five years later, it’s just surreal that here we are, and we are here for our fans. We are committing to you guys, wherever you want us we will be there for you. We are going to be very busy in the future but we will make time for you. You deserve it.

That’s exactly what I was going to say is that twenty-five years later hadn’t been able to come out and meet our fans. We know we’ve got millions of fans out there and we are coming. So if you want to see us we’ll be around, and we are excited working with all of our cast. it’d be great to be teamed up with our cast.

That reunion with Catherine and Nakia was so awesome, and then tomorrow it looks we are going to be hooking up with Johnny (Green Zeo Ranger)another one of our cast members. We can’t wait to hook up with everyone else, the rest of our cast members. So this year is going to be an exciting year this 2022. Exciting year! Go Go Power Rangers!

Difilippo Triplets| Morphin Network Interview
difilippo triplets power rangers zeo

Trey Of Triforia will always be one of the franchise’s iconic characters. The triplets’ portrayal as Trey, the original Gold Ranger, will always be remembered. The triplets’ comeback in the Power Rangers’ community comes at a great time, as the franchise is also hitting a high resurgence. Hopefully, with the amount of current attention and love that Trey has been getting, we could potentially see the Triplets reprise their legendary role in the television series. Or maybe even a potential Power Rangers: Zeo film.

Power Rangers Zeo stars Catherine Sutherland as Kat Hillard / Zeo Ranger I Pink, Nakia Burrise as Tanya Sloan / Zeo Ranger II Yellow, Steve Cardenas as Rocky DeSantos / Zeo Ranger III Blue, Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park / Zeo Ranger IV Green, Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver / Zeo Ranger V Red, Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott / the Gold Ranger, David Yost as Billy Cranston, Paul Schrier as Bulk, Jason Narvy as Skull, Richard Genelle as Ernie, Gregg Bullock as Det. Stone, with Ted, Tim, and Tom DiFilippo (The Difilippo Triplets) as Trey of Triforia / the Gold Ranger

Are you excited that Trey’s is now a playable Avatar in Legacy Wars? Do you hope Trey can make his legendary return to the television series? Who is your favorite character in Legacy Wars? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter.


Source: Morphin Network


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