New Digimon Adventures Reboot English Dub Announced During Digimon Con 2022

The Digimon Adventures reboot English Dub has been announced during Digimon Con 2022.
Digimon Adventures

The Digimon Adventures reboot English Dub was announced during Digimon Con 2022. The 2020 series of Digimon Adventures follows the journey of the original 8 Digidestined in a completely updated retelling of the story. This is one of few announcements made during the online convention for fans to enjoy around the world. Digimon Con 2022 was a highly anticipated event and now fans eagerly await for the Digimon series to return to screens in the west.

Digimon Adventures follows 8 Digidestined and their partner Digimon as they try to save both the Digital World and the real world. Using their Digivices, they have the ability to Digivolve their partners to defeat various dark forces that seek to harm them or others. Unlike the original 1999 series, the show features more action and even includes a larger variety of Digital monsters. There are also massive changes made to the lore and characters arcs, which gives fans the thrill of discovery even if they have seen the original concept.

Digimon Adventures
Digivice with the Crest of Knowledge displayed

Some of the highlighted changes in the reboot include a redesign of the Digivice, which also now houses the crests linked to each Digidestined. The show features a better Digivolution concept that is mostly seen within video games. This includes alternative evolutions than the set Champion/Ultimate/Mega forms we know from the original Digimon series. The villains also have links to the Digidestined that expand on the original show, which adds greater depth and unexpected twists that fans may not be able to predict.

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The reboot series premiered in Japan on April 2020 and concluded after 67 episodes. It was also simulcast on Crunchyroll as it aired. The 8 Digidestined and their partner Digimon include the following. Names may also be changed for the English version to be recognized by fans of the original.

  • Taichi (Tai) and Agumon
  • Yamato (Matt) and Gabumon
  • Sora and Piyomon (Biyomon)
  • Koushiro (Izzy) and Tentomon
  • Jou (Joe) and Gommamon
  • Mimi and Palmon
  • Takeru (TK) and Patamon
  • Hikari (Kari) and Tailmon (Gatomon)
Digimon Adventures

Cast Details for Digimon Adventures Reboot

During the Digimon Con, it was announced that the voice actors of the original show will not be returning to their past roles. A new cast has been lined up for the new version of the Adventure series and has already been revealed to star Zeno Robinson (Hawks in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Goh in Pokemon Journeys, Genya Shinazugawa in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) as Taichi and Ben Diskin (Skeptic in My Hero Academia, Sai in Naruto: Shippuden) as Agumon. Diskin was also previously had a role in the franchise as Shoutmon in Digimon Fusion, which showcases the voice actor for the spotlight as a mascot Digimon.

The premiere date for Digimon Adventures English Dub has yet to be revealed so keep following for more updates regarding the show. The rest of the cast has also yet to be revealed but it’s great that the reboot includes new actors for the future that could see these characters return. Even though the Japanese release included the return of their original cast, hopefully, this new version of Digimon Adventures will start a trend with the new lineup of voice actors. This is likely another step to get Digimon back as a global franchise as the momentum continues with more content to follow.

What do you think of the Digimon Adventures reboot? Are you glad an English dub was announced? Did you enjoy Digimon Con 2022? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon.

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