Digimon Con Partnered With Premium Bandai To Gift Coupon to Fans

Premium Bandai has partnered with Digimon Con 2022 to gift fans a Free Shipping Coupon on all things Digimon.

Premium Bandai has partnered with Digimon Con 2022 to gift fans a Free Shipping Coupon on all things Digimon. This includes the latest releases from the franchise and is available until March 8th. From the Vital Bracelet to Digimon figurines and even Digimon cards, fans will have a lot of items that would benefit from this offer. This fantastic opportunity also features the Digimon Tamers D-Ark Digivice that is part of the Super Complete Selection Animation line, which is now available for pre-order.

Digimon Con 2022 is an online convention that will allow fans worldwide to participate. This will be a global celebration of the franchise and will highlight new projects, Digimon Cards, games, and more. The convention will be a Livestream with anime and a live performance scheduled for viewer entertainment, which is likely to include details for the highly anticipated, Digimon Survive. Content included for the convention includes the following:

Digimon Con

Digimon Con and Premium Bandai Gifted Coupon

Premium Bandai has partnered with Digimon Con to gift fans when they purchase Digimon merchandise from their website. This is a free shipping coupon that is exclusive to all things Digimon that fans may desire to add to their collection. This includes a selection of figures, Digimon Cards, and even the recently released Vital Bracelet Digivice V, which includes the Gammamon DIM card, the mascot of the Digimon Ghost Game anime series.

Digimon Con

The coupon will also be valid to use with the Super Complete Section Animation D-Ark, featured in Digimon Tamers. This includes valid use on all versions that are included in the release, with show accurate visuals and Modify Cards seen in the show. This Digivice is part of the line that also included the Digivice Tri. Memorial, the D-3 Digivice, and the Last Evolution Digivice. This is one of the most loved Digivices as Season 3 was extremely memorable so it’s likely that this release will sell fast.

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There are also more items likely to be added as the site marks more valid for the offer as coming soon. This means it is worth waiting until Digimon Con airs to use the coupon for any new releases that are revealed during the event. There is so much awesome content currently available and the Digivices are likely to be the most desired collectibles, so make sure you grab them while you still can. It may also be worth waiting until the event as there might be some new items that some fans may wish to prioritize. so make sure you have space for more releases. This is due to the likelihood of limited items that sometimes feature in conventions.

The Digimon Free Shipping Coupon is valid from February 24th until March 9th. For further information on how to get the coupon, and what is valid for use, check out the website using the following link.

Digimon Con

Digimon Con is now only a day away as the event will be held online on February 26th, 2022. The stream will begin at 5 pm PT on the Bandai Official YouTube Channel, available worldwide. A video was recently released showing fans what’s to come during the online convention.

What do you think of this amazing offer exclusively for Digimon? Are you excited about the Digimon Con? What are you aiming to get from Premium Bandai’s Digimon range? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and Keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon.

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