The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Review: Episodes 5 and 6 Glow Bright

Fans are going to love the next two episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, almost as much as Susie loves croutons.

Fans are going to love the next two episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, almost as much as Susie loves croutons. This season is finding its sweet spot with the next installment hitting Amazon Prime late Thursday night. With build up over the last 4 episodes, episodes 5 brought us to a shimmer while 6 had us boiling.

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It felt as if this was the warm-up leading into episode 6. Picking up the pieces from last week’s bit of drama and mixing it with last season’s cliff hanger, everything seemed to be wrapping up with a nice bow. But as anyone knows, the calm can be a dangerous omen.


While the beginning of the season touched on Rose Weissman’s (Marin Hinkel’s) new job, we really haven’t seen much of her throughout. Back in season 2, fans got to really know and fall in love with Rose as a character and it felt as if season 4 would bring more of that. And it’s just starting to.

Miriam’s (Rachel Brosnahan) mother is old school and has an air of sophistication, which leads to major conflict with the strong, new aged lady that is her daughter. After landing a huge new client in her matchmaking business, Rose is reminded just how uncommon someone like her daughter is. And with that comes the risk of scandal.

But the shining moment in this episode was the return of Shy Baldwin (Leroy McClain). We are just starting to see Miriam and Susie get their life back on track after being left on the tarmac at the end of Season 3. So when an invitation arrives inviting the two to his wedding, no one really knows what to expect. However, what we got was a mix of heartbreaking and inspiring blended together in some amazing scenes.

Miriam Maisel is an extremely strong character, which at times also makes her extremely strong headed. To see her take a second back and find humility in her own style, was a moment of fresh air. That paired like a fine wine moments later to Susie’s (Alex Borstein) dramatics with Shy’s management team.

There was one letdown in this episode of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: the drawing out of Mei (Stephanie Hsu) and Joel (Michael Zegen). It was great in the last few episodes as the idea of them finally coming out as a couple was combined with Shirley’s (Caroline Aarons) antics to find her son a new wife. But similar to how Mei felt with the constant ringing of the phone and doorbell, the hiding is getting old.

It really comes down to the scene before the meet and greet with his parents. With such a cute and funny lead up, with emotions we have all experienced in life, it just felt flat when all that build up led to nowhere.

Unlike how it felt with Sophie Lennon’s (Jane Lynch) comeback. With Sophie choosing to bomb on Broadway last season, one can never really pinpoint how this cookie will crumble. Including what will happen when Susie sets up an interview for the star that caters around Sophie being a loose cannon. And as fans, this show has really set up this character for a love, hate relationship. The admiration she has for Susie and need to be friends, muddled together with the horrible way she treated Miriam leaves fans unsure of how we should respond. Similar to any real relationships in life. But watching Sophie shine and finding the confidence to be herself, left the episode on a high note.

marvelous mrs maisel 405

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With a title like episode 6, it’s clear the cloud nine feeling The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel left us on was a bit of a set up. Starting with a very unsettling interaction with Lenny Bruce (Luke Kirby), the episode continued to bring one blow after another.

One of the great things about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel writing team is that they don’t cushion their characters. Everyone has their flaws that intermingle into the traits fans love. But Lenny Bruce was a hard pill to swallow this week. We all know he isn’t the classiest or the soberest of men, but the way he acted towards Midge was off putting. And clearly, that was the intent of the scene, to leave the viewer unnerved.

As the uneasiness from earlier continued to set in, Midge and Susie crash a meeting with the owners of the club. Looking to be another issue brewing for the duo, the manager (Santino Fontana) is starting to let on how he really feels about the changing environment. However, this seemed to be wrapped up quickly and was highly enjoyable with comedic quips between everyone. The adding of the strip club as a plot point this season has been both exciting and fun to watch as it evolves. Not to mention, the outfits and dance routines is an added bonus.

Last week while discussing what one might suspect happening as the series progressed, we suggested Miriam barging into a writing room and demanding to know what L. Roy Dunham’s (Hari Nef) issue is with her. And oh boy, were we right! This moment left fans reeling with a huge reveal of who the writer was behind the column, but also setting up a completely new relationship for Miriam that had us asking, “what now?!”

But we really didn’t have time to ponder that long. With a quick exchange between Miriam and Dunham, the plot was throwing fans into ANOTHER situation. Arriving home already riled up, Miriam runs into everyone’s favorite comedian, Sophie Lennon. Offering a deal that leaves Susie destroying a pack of smokes, Miriam decides to take in efforts to pay off her debt. It wasn’t hard to see what was going to happen next.

What was shocking was the change of course regarding Joel and Mei. With audiences still annoyed from the previous Marvelous Mrs. Maisel episode, this news bomb came out of nowhere. Feeling slightly lost in the episode with hit after hit, one would wonder why it was even needed as a plot point.

And while drama kept building for everyone involved, Rose Weissman found herself invited to a luncheon/ shakedown. One of the best things about this show for fans who were also fans of Gilmore Girls is the cameos. It is exciting to be able to see characters we loved so much from series writers Amy Sherman-Palladino and husband, Daniel Palladino be involved in this world. But no one has stolen the show as much as Kelly Bishop. It was a mom show off for fans as Rose and new character Benedetta played by Bishop square off in the meeting of matchmakers. Especially since Benedetta just screams Emily Gilmore energy.

That isn’t even every marvelous thing that happened! But you really need to just watch it, to see all the chaos unfold.

There is so much happening the week in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, that it really feels like episode 7 and 8 are lightyears away. Even though they will be dropping next Friday on Amazon Prime. And while we might have been able to pick up a few clues of where this series was going, the last episode has left us reeling and in a little bit of shock. Good shock, great even! But definitely shock.