Survivor 42 Episode 1 Review: A New Era… Again

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A new season of the US version of Survivor is finally here with the premiere of Survivor 42! Warning, this article will contain spoilers for Survivor 42 episode 1, so if you have not seen the episode, you have been warned.

The episode starts with host Jeff Probst introducing the season. We then meet the new contestants as they prepare for the marooning. The three tribes Ika, Taku, and Vati then compete in the first reward challenge for basic camp supplies.

During the challenge, Lindsay a dietitian, Drea a fitness consultant, and Hai a data scientist, stumble upon the Advantage Amulet which has different powers depending on how it is played. If all three amulets were used, they could collectively cast another vote. If the amulets were down to two, using them together could give them a Vote Steal. If only one active amulet remained, it could be used as a regular Hidden Immunity Idol.

Ika wins the challenge, however, Daniel, a law clerk from the Vati tribe, dislocated his shoulder during the challenge and has to have medical look at it. The medical team can put his shoulder back in its socket but warns him to be careful as it could easily become dislocated again.

At the Taku and Vati camps, they find out that they must compete in another challenge to gain their basic camp supplies. They can choose to either do a brain or brawn challenge. With the brain challenge, they must solve a triangle puzzle, and with the brawn challenge, they must carry ocean water in a pot and fill a large drum. Both tribes picked the triangle puzzle and both tribes succeeded.

At Ika, Rocksroy, a stay-at-home dad, is having a hard time meshing with the younger castaways and just wants to get work done. Drea tells him that he needs to tone it down or else he will be an easy target. Tori, a therapist, makes the tribe worried that she is looking for idols when she goes off to look for food alone.


At Vati, Daniel talks about having Leukemia as a teenager and hopes to be an inspiration to kids dealing with a sickness who may be watching the show. At Taku, Jackson, a healthcare worker, tells his tribe about coming out to his parents as a transgender man and being reunited with them after his mom became ill.

On Day 2, Drea, Maryanne a Seminary student, and Jenny a creative director are selected to go to the Summit. While they are there they get to know each other and then must make a private decision to save their vote or risk their vote. If they all choose to save their vote nothing happens and if they all risk their vote they all lose their votes. If it is a split choice the person(s) who risked their vote get an advantage, the person(s) who saved their vote has nothing happen to them.

Ultimately, Maryanne and Drea risked their votes while Jenny decided to save their vote meaning Drea and Maryanne get an advantage. It is later revealed that this is an extra vote.

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