Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episodes 17-18 Review – Return From Purgatory

Check out our review for episodes 17-18 of Australian Survivor!

Contestants return from purgatory in this week’s episodes Australian Survivor! Warning, this article will contain spoilers for Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episodes 17-18, so if you have not yet seen these episodes, you have been warned.

To start the episode, we check in on Shay who is now in purgatory after being voted out in the last episode. At camp, Jordie continues to strengthen his position in the tribe by telling people about Sam’s idol that she stole from Jesse. People still aren’t buying it as Josh tells Jordie that his only chance of staying is winning immunity.

At the reward challenge, it is revealed that the prize is a car that Jordie has actually been looking at for a while. Jordie ends up winning the challenge and the reward choosing to bring David, Jordan, and Michelle with him.


At the reward, the four receive video messages from their families. Afterward, Jordie attempts to sway them to his side telling them how dangerous it is to keep both Mark and Sam around with idols. Michelle and David seem like they are entertaining the idea, but Jordan isn’t buying it.

During the immunity challenge, it is a close contest between Jordie and Jordan. However, Jordan is able to come up on top, making him immune at the next Tribal Council.

Back at camp, Jordie is continuing to plant seeds in people’s minds about Sam’s idol. Sam becomes incredibly paranoid which is noticed by her other tribe members. She pulls Jordie aside to talk about the situation, however, their conversation doesn’t go anywhere.

At Tribal Council, the tribe is surprised to see that Shay is not on the jury and assumes that a twist is afoot. Jordie tells the tribe that when they go back to watch this they will feel incredibly stupid as they are basically handing Mark and/or Sam the title of Sole Survivor. Ultimately the tribe still doesn’t give in and sends Jordie to purgatory. Jonathan then tells the tribe that they will immediately vote out another member. KJ is ultimately sent to purgatory in a 5-2-1 vote where Jordie and herself join Shay in purgatory unbeknownst to the others.

To begin episode 18, the tribe speculates on what is going on with the people they have voted out since Shay. They assume that at least one of them will somehow reenter the game after some sort of challenge. Some tribe members also become more concerned about the possibility of Sam having an idol. To combat this, Sam puts her idol in Mark’s bag in case they look through hers to find the idol.


At the Immunity Challenge, it came down to Mark, David, and Jordan. In the end, Mark comes out on top making him immune at the next Tribal Council. This also means at this point Mark has three immunity idols in his possession. They also finally learn about purgatory and that they will be sending one final member there at Tribal Council.

At camp, the main alliance decides whether they need to put the votes on either Michelle or David. Josh also wants to see if David can put pressure on Mark and Sam to flush an idol. At Tribal Council, they send Michelle to purgatory in a 6-1 vote. Mark does not play either of the idols on Sam.

Michelle joins the others in purgatory as they prepare for the challenge the next day. At the challenge, Jonathan reveals that three people will be returning to the game while one will be sent to the jury. Jordie, Shay, and KJ secure their spots back in the game sending Michelle to the jury, making her the fourth member.

Episodes 17-18 Highlight Players

In this section of the review, we will take a chance to take a look at some of the highlight players in this week’s episodes of Australian Survivor. Those players are Jordie, Mark, and Sam.

Starting with Jordie, he literally did everything he needed to stay in the game. He tried to warn his tribemates about Sam’s idol that she stole from Jesse, however, they just didn’t listen to him. He was also the first to finish the purgatory challenge securing his spot back in the game. It will be interesting to see what his game plan will be coming back into the game.

Next is Mark and Sam, who at this point have cemented themselves as the Australian versions of Boston Rob and Amber from the US version. The two are playing incredibly great games and, aside from Jordie, no one seems to be taking steps to stop them from making it to the end. I cannot wait to see how they will continue to perform in the end game.


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While there were a few good pieces of gameplay in these episodes, it was all from the three true contenders to win the game. Those being Sam, Mark, and Jordie. Even having Jordie as a winner contender is a stretch as this whole season has been the Mark and Sam show. This is crazy because Jordie has been playing a fairly dynamic game, especially post-merge. It also doesn’t help that four people had been voted out and only one of them was eliminated. Hopefully, next week’s episodes will have a little more action.

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