The Original Digimon Season 1 English Dub Blu-Ray Remaster Coming Soon

A Blu-ray Remaster of Digimon season 1 English dub has been announced by DIscotek. The digital remaster features better quality than fans have seen before, which showcases the difference on social media.

The original Digimon: Digital Monsters series is getting a Blu-ray release in its English Dub. The classic anime show will be available to purchase thanks to Discotek Media, as they have digitally remastered episodes of the iconic adventure. The English version is also the first to be released for fans to add to their collections with better quality than they have seen before. There is also an uncut version of the Japanese counterpart to follow after the English Dub release, which will also be getting the remaster treatment.

Known in Japan as Digimon Adventures, the English dub premiered on Fox Kids in 1999. The story follows 7 ‘Digidestined’ kids that are transported to the Digital World and meet their own partner Digital Monsters. As they try to find a way home, they fight to survive against evil Digimon that seek to hurt them. Later joined by an 8th child, they soon learn that the fate of both worlds lay in their hands to stop evil from taking over.

The series ended with 54 episodes but later followed with a 2nd series that continued the story with new characters, Digimon, and threats. The Digimon featured in the first show are still as iconic today and the events have stood the test of time, with fans remembering moments of the story leaving a huge impression. Now fans are able to relive the story with better quality than ever before.

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Discotek Media announced the release on Twitter with new artwork planned for the Blu-ray collection. The artwork in the previews isn’t final, but it gives fans a look at what will be included. The previews of the art include the cover of the Blu-ray and the discs. Here are the images showcasing the drafts of the Digimon Blu-ray art shown on social media.

The original series will also be remastered, which will remove low quality and pixelation. This is achieved by using the Japanese cuts of the anime along with techniques used by AstroRes to improve the picture quality in every frame of the episodes. These techniques allow the anime to be seen on larger screens with greater detail. Examples of this have been shared on social media showing the difference between the original and the new version, as well as the Japanese Blu-rays compared to the remaster upscale from Discotek Media. Here are the posts showing these amazing changes for the new release of Digimon season 1.

The Digimon Remaster Featured by Discotek

As a preview of the content to come from the remaster of the series, various posts from Discotek Media have been seen on Twitter showcasing the difference. This includes the bad quality of the original broadcast and the lower quality of the Japanese Blu-ray released previously. Some of the examples that have been seen include how much of a difference the quality has been improved by AstroRes for various scenes. Here are the posts showing these changes made for the new Blu-ray collection.

There is a major difference that fans may not have noticed before, however, it does seems like the difference between an old VHS and a new release. It’s going to be amazing to replay the adventure in stunning HD on the big screen and also allow new fans of the franchise to dive into the original. With luck, the 2nd Season will follow, plus fans also have the reboot, English Dub, to look forward to, which means it’s a great time to be a Digimon fan.

The Digimon: Digital Monsters Season 1 English Dub Blu-ray release date has yet to be announced. However, Discotek Media has stated it will be coming soon, along with an uncut Japanese release that will be available after. The Japanese uncut Blu-ray is likely to take longer to release due to more content to remaster. But it should be worth the wait for some fans since it includes the full story and stunning visual improvements. Fans in Japan may even be tempted to make the purchase.


What do you think of Digimon? Will you be getting this Blu-ray Remaster? Are you hoping for the other seasons to follow? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Anime news.

Source: Discotek

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