Poupelle Of Chimney Town Review: A Heartfelt Film That Reminds Viewers To Never Give Up On Their Dreams

Poupelle Of Chimney Town is a film with heart, adventure, emotion and reminds viewers to never give up on their dreams.

Poupelle Of Chimney Town is a film with heart, adventure, emotion and reminds viewers to never give up on their dreams.

Based on the children’s picture book created by author Akihiro Nishino, Poupelle Of Chimney Town is a Japanese animated film initially released in Japan on December 25, 2020. Yusuke Hirota directed the film which features character designs created by Atsuko Fukushima. Nishino himself did the screenplay for the film. I watched the English dubbed version of the film Poupelle Of Chimney Town which features Emmy award-winning actor Tony Hale, Stephen Root, Misty Lee, and up-and-coming young child star actor Antonio Raul Corbo. 

A Smokey But Beautiful Town Full Of Chimneys

Poupelle Of Chimney Town

The film’s setting is a beautiful town with numerous chimneys. However, the chimney’s created a thick layer of dark smoke that covers the whole town and conceals the outside world. Poupelle Of Chimney Town focuses on a young chimney sweeper named Lubicchi (Corbo). The young chimney sweeper dreams of seeing the stars that his father Bruno (Root) would tell him stories about and yearns to learn the truth about the outside world. 

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Sadly, Lubicchi’s dream is seen as impossible. The town’s oppressive authorities brainwashed residents to not believe in stars or even the external world’s existence. Additionally, these authoritative figures punish town residents who mention the possibility or idea of the outside world. Luckily everything changes when a friendly garbage monster named Poupelle comes into Lubicchi’s life. From there, a loving friendship and a strong bond begin.

Poupelle Of Chimney Town Explores Its Themes Respectively, Especially Its Mature Ones

If I had to describe the concept of Poupelle Of Chimney Town in three simple words, it would be this “believe in yourself.” Poupelle Of Chimney Town reminds viewers never to give up on their dreams. No matter how challenging those dreams are. Additionally, the themes of this animated film make it very relatable. 

The film delves into love, friendship, family, and chasing your dreams. Even though it is geared towards younger viewers, Poupelle Of Chimney Town delves into mature themes such as loneliness, oppression, corruption, death, and even prejudice. It is akin to other children’s movies that explore adult themes, such as Toy Story 3, The Brave Little Toaster, and Grave Of The Fireflies. Credit to the writers of Poupelle Of Chimney Town for including and exploring these themes in such a universally relatable way.

Who Knew A Friendship Between A Kid Chimney Sweeper And Garbage Could Deliver Outstanding Results

The friendship between Poupelle and Lubicchi is what carries the film. The chemistry between the two main leads light up the movie and give it its heart. Hale’s voice performance as Poupelle is the main highlight of the film. His charisma and portrayal of Poupelle’s innocence were very heartwarming and even had some great humor. Corbo also does a fantastic job with Lubicchi. The young actor does a great job conveying Lubicchi’s determination, confidence, and humility.

However, if there were an anime film award for a supporting character, I would give it to Root’s incredible performance as Bruno. Even though he is a supporting character, I believe he is the heart and soul of the film. He is the anchor that keeps Lubicchi determined and believing in his dreams. His wisdom and scene-stealing hilarious moments also really make me appreciate him.

An Animated Film That Could Potentially Become An All-Time Classic

Poupelle Of Chimney Town is a moving, incredible, inspirational film experience. The film is a beautiful take on how friendships and bonds can happen under unexpecting circumstances. Never has a movie made me care about a creature made out of garbage. Again, I highly applaud Hale’s performance as Poupelle for making me fall in love with him. The numerous themes that the film explores are handled with care and balance. But it’s the film’s heart and the incredible message that made it resonate and made me fall in love with it. So many moments were relatable that I teared up. 

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My only critique of the film is that the supporting characters were not focused on much, aside from Bruno. Nevertheless, they served their purpose in the film’s plot and had incredible moments. Many of the supporting characters were set up beautifully and were very memorable. But I wish they were given more screen time because they are fascinating.

Poupelle Of Chimney Town is what everyone wants from a movie. This film will entertain audiences who love this genre. The animation for this movie is also top-notch. The colors and visuals for this film are extraordinary and awe-inspiring. But it is the heartfelt message of always believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams that makes Poupelle Of Chimney Town an incredible film.

For being an incredible experience that touched my heart, warmed my soul, and made me ugly cry. I give Poupelle Of Chimney Town a perfect 5/5.

 About Poupelle of Chimney Town

Director: Yusuke Hirota
Assistant Director: Yuki Oomori
Production Companies: Studio 4°C Co., Ltd, Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd, Yoshimoto Creative Agency
Screenplay: Akihiro Nishino
Producers: Ryoichi Fukuyama, Eiko Tanaka, Geoffrey Wexler (English Version)
Executive Producer: Akihiro Nishino
Music: Yûta Bandoh
Sound Department: Suzanne Goldish, Koji Kasamatsu
Art Department: Yuko Egami, Minoru Nishida, Yuko Nojiri
Animation Department: Atsuko Fukushima, Chiaki Imanaka, Yuta Sano
Additional Music: Youki Kojima
Art Director: Kenichiro Akimoto
(English Dubbed): Tony Hale, Antonio Raul Corbo, Stephen Root, Misty Lee, Hasan Minhaj, Tristan Allerick Chen, Greg Chun, Ray Chase, Candace Kozak, James Mathis III, Kari Wahlgren, Aleks Le, Mick Wingert, Laura Post, Fred Tatasciore, Kyle Hebert

(Subbed): Masataka Kubota, Mana Ashida, Shingo Fujimori, Rina Honizumi, Kazuki Iio, Sairi Itô, Eiko Koike, Jun Kunimura, Seiji Miyane, Sumire Morohoshi, Tôru Nomaguchi, Shinosuke Tatekawa, Takaya Yamauchi, Shosei Ohira, Yûta Kajiwara

Synopsis: In an industrial town full of chimneys and black smoke, a young boy wants to see the stars for the first time. After meeting a man made of garbage, the two of them set out on a journey to the skies.

Did you read the original Poupelle Of Chimney Town children’s book? What is your favorite anime film? What are you most looking forward to in the movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter.

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