You Season 4 Shares Official Cast And Character Descriptions as They Begin Filming In Mesmerizing London

You Season 4 sets cast and begins filming in London.
You Season 4

You Season 4 sets cast and begins filming in London.

Netflix’s controversial, but oh so tantalizing, drama about a sociopathic love-struck murderer, You, has finalized the cast and begun filming in London. After the incredibly shocking ending of Season 3, we find Joe, Penn Badgley, in London looking for his new love, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). This is likely also an effort to escape any suspicions of him murdering his wife, who did try to kill him first. The series is absolutely psycho and many viewers can not get enough of it. To celebrate the start of production, Netflix shared a photo of Badgley on set with another photo that is a close up of the books next to him. Most likely clues about Season 4.

You Season 4 Begins Filming in London

Those books have to have something to do with You Season 4. However, let’s just say those aren’t very popular books. I also doubt they rhyme or have pictures so chances of me knowing what they are slim to none. Joe is an ardent reader, those could easily be props. However, the close-up focus really seems like a clue of some kind. But I also can’t really make out the titles. So instead of trying to dive deep into books I don’t know, check out the official cast down below. Headshots and character descriptions courtesy of Netflix.

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You Season 4 Cast

You Season 4 Series Regulars

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You Season 4 Recurring Cast

The lack of Tatiana Gabrielle really confuses me because Joe seemed to be adamant about being with Marienne. He usually doesn’t move on from one of his fixations until he convinces himself he has to get rid of them… But Gabrielle is a star on the rise, and with Covid regulations, travel, and scheduling, it just might not have worked out. But that does always leave hope for the future.

So for Season 4, my money is on Nadia (Amy Leigh Hickman) to be Joe’s primary love fixation. She’s a bookworm, needs help, all things Joe loves. However, he is prone to be attracted to “wild cards” and characters with non-traditional names. *cough* Love *cough* Lady seems to be a match there.

You is currently streaming its first 3 seasons on Netflix with Season 4 currently in production. No release date has been set, but it will likely release in 2023, or late 2022 at best. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing lists and follow our socials for all the latest updates.

You Key Art

What are your thoughts on the You Season 4 cast? Who will be Joe’s new love? Will Joe ever be able to live a normal life? Let us know what you think in the comments below and share your theories with us on Twitter.

Source: Netflix

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