Descendants 4 Confirmed & New Characters Revealed

Disney knows how much we miss the Descendants, so they've begun their preparation to bring us Descendants 4.
Descendants 4 Confirmed

Guess who’s back? Descendants 4!

It’s been a long time since we last visited the Descendants in the magical land of Auradon. Disney knows how much we miss that world so they’ve begun their preparation to take us back there in Descendants 4. However, this time around we will be meeting a couple of new faces.

Ever since the Highschool Musical trilogy concluded Disney has been struggling to capture that teen musical magic until the Descendants came around. Back in 2015, the first Descendants film was released on Disney Channel. Descendants explored the lives of the children of famous characters, most especially the infamous villains from classic Disney tales.


The primary protagonist was Mal (played by Dove Cameron), daughter of Maleficent and Hades. We got to see her along with the late Cameron Boyce’s Carlos, the son of Cruella De Vil, Sofia Carson’s Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen, and Booboo Stewart’s Jay, the son of Jafar as they break from their parents’ influence and find the courage to embrace love and all that is good.

The film franchise was a hit that sired many short films, animations, books, toys, and other merchandise. Fans have been yearning for a fourth film for a while, sadly the tragic passing of Cameron Boyce delayed sequel plans at the time. In September of 2021, Disney revealed that two brand-new films were in development. Now, Disney has released official plot and character details on one of those upcoming films.

New Characters For Descendants 4?

The official press release from Disney+ reveals the fourth film will be titled Descendants: The Pocketwatch. The plot will be strongly inspired by Alice in Wonderland, as new characters Red, daughter of the Queen of Hearts, and Chloe, daughter of Cinderella, join forces to travel back in time using the White Rabbit’s magic pocketwatch to prevent a catastrophic event from taking place in Auradon.

Franchise director Kenny Ortega (of Hocus Pocus fame) will be succeeded by Jennifer Phang (The Flight Attendant, Foundation), who also serves as co-EP. Here’s a quote from Disney Branded Television President Ayo Davis below:

“With a captivating script and Jennifer Phang’s directorial vision, we’re setting a new high bar of creativity and imagination, with a movie that ups the ante on story, song and dance to entertain young viewers, their families, and the global fan base that grew up with the aspirational story of ‘Descendants’…We join them in anticipation as we prepare to deliver a great new entertainment experience to Disney+.”

– Ayo Davis

When We Can Expect To See In Descendants 4

Production on Descendants 4 is expected to begin in the fall, so we can expect the film to release sometime in 2023. No casting details have been released as of this time, but the story is set to expand upon the world and characters that have already been conjured, so a few familiar faces are expected to return. The film will feature seven brand new songs, in addition to several Disney classic songs that fans already know and love.

In addition to the fantastic music and choreography, Descendants 4 boasts talent from its adult ensemble cast featuring the likes of Kristen Chenoweth as Maleficent, Kathy Najimy as the Evil Queen, and Keegan Connor Tracy as Belle.

Descendants Logo

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Source: Disney via Screenrant


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