Torn Hearts to Make Thrilling Release on Paramount Home Entertainment May 20

Paramount Pictures has teamed up with the horror hitmaker Blumhouse to produce a toe-tapping tale of terror, Torn Hearts, for our entertainment
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Paramount Pictures has teamed up with the horror hitmaker Blumhouse to produce a toe-tapping tale of terror for our entertainment.  On Friday, May 20, 2022, you can stream Torn Hearts, a new thriller starring Katey Sagal of Married… With Children and Futurama!  The Illuminerdi will have a review of Torn Hearts up soon, but for now, check out the press release below:

Torn Hearts Official Trailer and Press Release

Blumhouse Television and EPIX’s upcoming horror thriller, TORN HEARTS, is the cautionary tale of a rise to stardom set in the iconic Nashville Country Music scene. Directed by Brea Grant and starring Katey Sagal, Alexxis Lemire, and Abby Quinn, TORN HEARTS will be available On Digital this Friday, May 20!

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Synopsis: Blumhouse Television and EPIX present the cautionary tale of a rise to stardom set in the iconic Nashville Country Music scene. Two friends, rising artists on the brink of a big break, will do just about anything to realize their dream – including a pilgrimage to the legendary and reclusive Harper Dutch’s (Golden Globe winner Katey Sagal) mansion in the hopes she’ll record a song with them. While their life-long idol seems intent to help, the visit devolves into a twisted series of mental and physical torment as the pair discover Harper – and each other – may have other motives.

With no other choice and desperate to record a song, the duo must go to dangerous lengths to prove their dedication to their dream of becoming Nashville’s next country music stars.

Directed by: Brea Grant

Written by: Rachel Koller Croft

Starring: Katey Sagal, Abby Quinn, Alexxis Lemire with Joshua Leonard and Shiloh Fernandez

Executive Producers: John Ierardi, Jeremy Gold, Chris McCumber, Jason Blum

Genre: Horror Thriller

Run time: 97 min

Torn Hearts will be a chance for Katey Sagal to embrace her scary side in a way we haven’t seen in a very long time.  Longtime fans of hers may remember the Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House from 1999 (which also starred ‘90s mainstays Ryan Merriman and Kevin Kliner).  In that film, Sagal voiced the malevolent robot who runs the titular house and brought a solid threat to the proceedings.  As Torn Hearts is rated R and not under the family-friendly Disney brand, who knows what Sagal will do as the villainous Harper Dutch? 

Along with Smart House, older audiences will remember her longtime starring role on Married… With Children wherein she played the acerbic Peggy Bundy who was never short a snarky quip.  We’ve also got some newcomers in Abby Quinn and Alexxis Lemire as the two leads and supporting work from Joshua Leonard and Shiloh Fernandez, so the cast is pretty well-rounded out.

Alexxis Lemire and Abby Quinn in Torn Hearts

Blumhouse’s track record of horror films is strong, with work like Get Out, the continuation of the Halloween franchise, The Invisible Man, and many other spooky entries of recent years being big hits with audiences.  We’ll have to wait until Friday, May 20 to see if Torn Hearts gets rousing cheers from audiences, but be sure to read our review on The Illuminerdi when it drops.  Torn Hearts is directed by Brea Grant and written by Rachel Koller Croft,  Once again, it will be released on Friday, May 20, 2022, on streaming.  Be on the lookout for The Illuminerdi’s review of Torn Hearts to see what we thought of this new chiller.

katey sagal in torn hearts

Are you excited for Torn Hearts?  Did you watch Married… With Children back in the day?  What’s your favorite horror movie so far this year?  Let us know in the comments below and on our Twitter.

Source: Paramount Movies

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