Kevin Feige Reveals Why He Wanted To Make A Ms. Marvel Series And Teases Her Future In The MCU

It’s pretty surreal to admit that Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, will be gracing the silver screen reasonably soon...
Ms. Marvel

It’s pretty surreal to admit that Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, will be gracing the silver screen reasonably soon. Now, Marvel Studios has a rising fan favorite and star on the horizon in the presence of actress Iman Vellani. The world is ready to see Kamala forge her story when Ms. Marvel premieres on Disney+ on June 8th, 2022.  

From the first glimpse, the latest Disney+ series feels like a blend of the campy nature of DC’s Shazam blended with the heart of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy and the cultural community impact of Miles Morales from the Sony PS5 Insomniac Spidey games. All perfect examples which weaved pivotal coming-of-age stories that showcased the humanity of our greatest heroes. In a way, it feels that Marvel Studios will look to various outlets of inspiration to ensure Kamala Khan’s journey from teen hero to avenger will be organic and rekindles Marvel ingenuity.

Ms. Marvel from Comic Panels to the MCU Sandbox

Ms. Marvel
Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

The Illuminerdi had the opportunity to attend the Ms. Marvel Virtual Press Conference, where the producer and writer and creator of Ms. Marvel, Sana Amanat, explained the success and cultural impact of Kamala Khan since her creation.

Sana Amanat: Yeah, I mean, this is all very, very trippy. I mean, when Willow and I were crafting this comic about eight years ago, we joked about how we’re like, this is not gonna get past issue nine. We felt one’s gonna care. And lo and behold, Kevin Feige cared, which is amazing. 

Of course, the rest of the world cared,and the comic did really well. We had incredible runs, and I think what I love about it the most is that it had people from different backgrounds, people who never really read comics before showing up in comic shops for the first time because of what this meant and and what it stood for. 

I think that is really sort of the merits and the success of this series. And I few years later, when Kevin let us know that he wanted to make this into a show. I was thrilled. I also feel like it’s kind of perfect for a series, a live action series. But yeah, I don’t understand exactly how and why think because she’s pretty great, and Kevin can tell us why specifically, he chose Kamala. 

Ms. Marvel Writer and Producer: Sana Amanat, Via Ms. Marvel Virtual Press Conference

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It’s clear to note that the character of Kamala Khan has risen in mainstream popularity since her inception, from being featured in multiple comics, appearing in various cartoons, or being the main character in Crystal Dynamics Marvel Avengers. It was refreshing to see Khan’s story and the importance of her being the first Muslim and South Asian comic character respected, and now it only seemed like the perfect time to bring her life into the MCU sandbox. 

Kevin Feige Discusses Why Ms. Marvel Matters and Breakdowns her Future on the Big Screen 

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

Kevin Feige: It’s such a privilege because not only are the reinterpretations every few years of existing wonderful characters. But every once in a while, and it does seem like every decade, or so there’s a new character that comes around, that catches the audience’s imagination, and this character cleary did that. And as I said to some people on the red carpet last night, almost from the first few issues, people started asking us in environments like this when we were promoting other things. When is Kamala Khan coming? When is Ms. Marvel coming? 

So it always seemed inevitable, in a great way, that we would be able to do it. When Disney+ came around, it really gave us the opportunity to do what we really wanted to do, which was tell her full story in six episodes and then have her transition into a feature. 

I’m so proud of bringing new characters to the screen and not just telling reinterpretations of characters people have seen for decades and decades, and I think that’s important. I want people who’ve never even considered watching a Marvel Studios production before to be excited and watch the show. And then go watch all the other ones.

President Of Marvel Studios – Kevin Feige


The allure of the MCU was always to showcase the fictional panels of our childhood and transition them into a realistic reality. Of course, time and time again, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios succeed in finding the perfect actors to embody the role and understanding what the story being told means to the audience and reader. Now Kamala Khan will be here soon, and her story is only beginning. 

And it sounds like Feige is excited for the fans to meet Khan and wants viewers to know that the MCU is available at any moment because if someone has never seen a prior Marvel Studios production. You can jump in at any point, and then they will want to continue as the projects and stories continue. 

As of now, no plot details about the series have been revealed, but from the footage shown, it seems that the story of Kamala Khan will be unique, creative, and overall fun. 

Ms. Marvel is slated for a one-episode premiere on June 8 on Disney+  

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios and Disney+

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