BenQ Explains The Impact Of Their New Monitors At PAX East: Exclusive Interview

The Illuminerdi speaks with BenQ about their new Zowie and Mobius monitors at PAX East.

BenQ wants to be your future.

PAX East was truly surreal in every aspect, and the definition of the term. But the greatest thing about attending the con was being able to witness the future of not only gaming, but the ingenuity of technology.


From what I saw at BenQ Electronics, I can safely confess that the future is bright. I’m just left with one question: where can I get myself a Zowie setup?

BenQ’s Zowie Monitors Are A Game Changer

BenQ Gaming-Monitor
Photo courtesy of BenQ

The Illuminerdi had the opportunity to attend Pax East and talk to BenQ Electronics, who showed us the glory and spectacle of their Zowie and Mobius Monitors, and why you should give them checkout and make the transition to the future of not only gaming but player accessibility as well. 

“What we offer in our products could be a little bit different than Mobius. Our products are geared specifically for the professional players in both Valorant, Counter-Strike, and also other first-person shooter games. So we got products here, what we’re displaying today at PAX is going to be our XL 25 46k. So I know it’s a mouthful, but what this is gonna offer you is a 24-and-a-half-inch screen in diameter for the monitor.”

Kevin – BenQ Employee VIA Pax East

The quality of Zowie Monitors was like nothing I have ever seen before, and it was incredible. The easiest way to sum up my initial reaction and thoughts was the fluidity of 60fps, the ease of the latest generation of consoles, and the interface, and layout made it feel like everything you will do felt tangible, and real. 

“Next we have our proprietary technology in here in Dyac, which is short for dynamic accuracy. So what that does is, it’s going to work with the refresh rate to help reduce any sort of motion blur. So when someone is playing games, they’re going to be able to see heads a little bit smoother, push them a little bit easier, and also go through different motion classes, and come up with coming out of that a little bit quicker, to give them a slight advantage in the professional scene. 

Kevin – BenQ Employee VIA Pax East

Zowie proved to be a game-changer with the inclusion of high active dynamic accuracy, which solidifies that not every layout will be the same, but the creativity is endless in the hands of the consumer. 

“Lastly, we also have our XL settings share, which is down here. What this does is basically a lot of people that we’ve experienced that are playing the game, whether they’re due, or maybe they’ve been playing it for quite some time, they constantly like to switch up their settings. If they find a preferred setting operation that works well for them, maybe they want to switch it up as well to kind of give them a little bit of more of an edge. Raising the question So how do people go about learning about settings.” 

“Sometimes people will search online, or professionals that are playing the game, how they set up their monitor and their high sensitivity. And so for us, we wanted to reduce the steps of education there. And basically, I have a one-stop shop for if you wanted to play with a variety of settings in valuations, you can go find these settings combinations downloaded onto the website. And it’s easy as a clickable button to put your settings the same as is, and then that will be able to you know to give you a little bit more of a shorter lead time to set everything up and start playing.”

Kevin – BenQ Employee VIA PAX East
Photo courtesy of BenQ

The Illuminerdi: What’s the one question you would get something to leave console gaming behind and go PC gaming, especially with Zowie or Mobius equipment. 

That’s a great question. So a lot of people may know that our panels are actually using Tn, and to note Tn panels in the world of monitors may be older technologies to some. But what we like to say is actually that proven technology, dependable technology, and TN panels offer superior response time. So the response time on our monitors is going to be a lot faster than what an IPS could possibly survive. 

So for example, if you’re playing PlayStation or Xbox console games, still using a daily monitor could be beneficial. Though, a fun fact the Halo Championship Series, for example, they’re also using Zowie monitors to compete and operate. So even professional players that play Halo for a living are also using nine monitors to find a lot of benefits.”

Kevin – BenQ Employee VIA Pax East
Photo courtesy of BenQ

Zowie and Mobius monitors are a step into the future of innovation, and they aren’t too bad price-wise, and one thing is for certain is that the customer always comes first. It was a pleasure talking to the entire team, and getting to visit the booth and play Halo the way it should be experienced.

Do you have a Zowie Monitor or any other BenQ type of tech? What was your favorite thing about PAX East? Would you ever buy a Mobius or Zowie monitor? What’s your preference for gaming – Console or PC? As always follow us on all social media, post a like, and drop a comment.



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