Kevin Nash Reveals Scott Hall’s Heartbreaking Final Days

Kevin Nash details the final days of his friend, Scott Hall, leading up to his death.
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Kevin Nash details the final days of his friend, Scott Hall, leading up to his death.

In March of this year the wrestling world lost a legend in Scott Hall, also known as Razor Ramon. He suffered a series of heart attacks and was put on life support. His family later decided to remove him from life support.

One of Scott Hall’s best friends, fellow Outsider, fellow nWo founder and former WCW Tag Team champion with Hall, Kevin Nash, talked about his friend. On Kliq This: The Kevin Nash Podcast, Nash gave new details surrounding the time prior to Hall’s death and trying to keep in touch with the wrestler as he isolated himself during the pandemic.

“Two or three months go by and the texts wouldn’t make sense and I’d tell him I’d love him and hang in there,” Kevin Nash said. “Scott was getting GrubHub and he had some Chinese takeout place that would bring him vodka. He told me all this sh*t.

He was making some Kool-Aid and he put the plastic pitcher up to the refrigerator and the ice went in it. But a couple of the pieces of ice, as always, bounced out and landed on the floor. He went over, stirred it … he was going back to get something and one of those pieces of ice caught his heel. He did the f*ckin’ whoopsy daisy and f*ckin’ landed and broke his other hip … He’s in the middle of his kitchen and he’s in so much pain, he can’t move. He tries to move several different times, he can’t move. Finally he passes out.

Wakes up, and at this point he’s just like, ‘I’m so dehydrated.’ And he’s got a defibrillator and a pacemaker in his heart and he’s like ‘I’m gonna croak if I don’t get some fluids.’ So he turned and just gutted it and got his back to the cabinet and reached up with two hands he said like he was picking up a Fabergé egg and got that pitcher of Kool-Aid and just drank it through the spout sip by sip. He said slowly he got enough to him that he was able to just drag himself, and he called 911 and they came and got him and they took him to the hospital.”

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Scott Hall’s Struggle With Sobriety And His Final Days

Scott Hall had struggled with sobriety for most of his wrestling career. In 2013 Diamond Dallas Page took in Hall to help him get sober and raise money to have Hall’s hip replaced.  Which makes it sad to hear Hall had relapsed into his alcoholism.

Nash notes that while Hall was in the hospital they found a number of health issues which they don’t know if they were related to the fall or not.  Page wanted to take Hall home with him after his release and look after him to help him recover.


Nash talked about how he first was told about Scott Hall’s decline in health was when he was returning from an autograph signing.

“I got a call Sunday morning, God it was early and it was Paul [Triple H],” Nash said. “Paul said that Scott had three heart attacks and it didn’t look good.” 

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The Final Goodbye From The Kliq

When Hall fell it knocked a blood clot loose and led to his series of heart attacks. Nash tried to fly to Atlanta to be at Hall’s side, but he had complications in his travel plan.  During this time Hall’s doctors and family decided to remove him from life support. They had estimated he would die within 10 minutes, but Hall fought on and lasted several more hours.

According to Nash, he and the rest of the Kliq members, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac and Triple H, talked to him on speaker phone and cried.

Scott Hall was buried in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was born. The Kliq members along with Page and Hall’s pro wrestler son, Cody, were all at his funeral.

Please share your favorite memories of Scott Hall from his long career or from meeting him in-person on social media. The Bad Guy will be missed.


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