New Rumors Run Amok For The 47th Super Sentai Series

New rumors have already begun spreading regarding the 47th Super Sentai series, and fans are buzzing.
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New rumors have already begun spreading regarding the 47th Super Sentai series. This series will be the next installment after Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, which has recently aired its 25th episode. The rumor is regarding the theme that may be set for the new Sentai Ranger series and may be inspired by the popularity of a previous season. RangerBoard has already been discussing the next Sentai series, with Dukemon providing the details of the rumors.  

Super Sentai first started in 1975 and is currently on their 46th series with Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. It has been previously stated that this could have been the last Super Sentai series, something Donbrothers’ actor Kohei Higuchi was apparently told by the creative team behind the show. Various themes have already been used by the Superhero franchise, including space, cops and robbers, dinosaur knights, crystal vehicles, and even an anniversary-oriented machine theme.


Donbrothers is currently airing with a theme based on the story of Momotaro and an avatar concept. The show also continues the use of Sentai Gears, which has allowed the Rangers to transform into other Super Sentai Rangers. 

Rumors Surrounding The Theme For 47th Super Sentai Series

The success of Donbrothers has likely led to a new Super Sentai series, and rumors regarding the theme have already appeared.

Dukemon via RangerBoard has revealed the possible theme that fans may see as the next Sentai Ranger team. This rumored theme has been revealed to be a Medieval/Knight concept, which has yet to be confirmed and may change.

Here are the details so far revealed for the possible 47th Ranger team in the Super Sentai franchise: 

The popularity of 43rd Sentai, Ryusoulger, has probably caused the knight concept to be considered as the next potential theme, so it will be interesting if this is the chosen concept. Fans previously expected Ryusoulger to be dragons rather than Dinosaurs when the name was first revealed, which is a concept fans were hoping for. This choice may be taking advantage of the excitement initially created by the misinterpretation.

The most fascinating aspect of the rumor is that the creators are trying to deviate from using swords and use various monsters & mythical creatures for the Zords. This will make it stand out compared to its predecessor and will certainly create great anticipation for its confirmation. 

Super Sentai Donbrothers

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is currently airing in Japan every Sunday via TV Asahi. There is currently no official way to watch the show outside of Japan, though it remains popular on a global scale. 

The 47th Sentai has yet to be confirmed but fans should expect to hear official confirmation in October/November. Images for a new Sentai series are usually released in December with an expected release date to be in February 2023. 

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Source: Rangerboard


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