In-depth Analysis of latest Power Rangers Dino Fury Trailer

Let's break down that new Power Rangers Dino Fury trailer!

With the Trailer released for the final part of Power Rangers Dino Fury, we can now glimpse into the events that are yet to develop. This includes many old and new additions to the show, such as the return of an iconic villain and even another appearance of a Morphin Master. Lots of clues and visuals are shown within the trailers, which teases the features of episodes that will drop at the end of September.  

Power Rangers Dino Fury started in 2021, with the first season premiering on Nickelodeon. The first season concluded in December and was the last time the Ranger series aired on the network as a new partnership with Netflix allowed the 2nd season to reach a worldwide audience.

Only 11 episodes of the new season were released on the streaming service, but recent announcement for the remaining episodes has confirmed the release date.

The hidden gems in the Dino Fury Trailer 

The trailer has revealed many events and additions that will debut in the final part of Power Rangers Dino Fury. These include characters that have previously appeared and are now teased for a return, including villain Lord Zedd, the Morphin Masters, and even more Sporix. Thanks to the scenes scattered in the trailer, we now have a rough idea of what to expect and that includes some of the following features. 

New alien warriors  

A scene featuring the unmorphed Rangers includes background characters in Ranger-like armor. These troops appear to all look the same with silver shield armor that is almost like a simplified version of the Green Ranger’s chest shield armor. Features of these warriors include a glowing belt, a Dino-themed helmet, and a small fluorescent dagger.


This may be the people of Rafkon that have only previously been seen in flashbacks. Rafkon is the planet where Zayto and Aiyon are originally from and what the Sporix originally attacked before arriving on Earth. There are other possibilities, such as new henchman for Lord Zedd; however, since they were able to enter the base, the Rafkon theory is more likely. These new opponents will be revealed, but the episode in which they debut has still to be confirmed.

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