In-depth Analysis of latest Power Rangers Dino Fury Trailer

Let's break down that new Power Rangers Dino Fury trailer!

Tarrick is back and joining the Power Rangers 

The scene following the new alien warriors sees 4 Rangers and a returned Tarrick in a location typically seen for Ranger shows in New Zealand. The Rangers present are Aiyon, Izzy, Ollie, and Javi, who are seen with Tarrick in the desert location. This scene shows that Tarrick will return to the show after being changed into Void King by Void Queen. Here is the scene that shows these Rangers with Tarrick in a new location. 

The fact that Tarrik is present means that he may have found a way to return to normal after his wife changed him. It may also be possible that Tarrik could still morph into Void Knight, and it was previously stated that the armor and sword have a connection to the Ranger’s powers. Considering past episodes, this location may be on Rafkon, as seen in flashbacks of the planet, since the environment is similar to many scenes involving the home planet of the Red Ranger. 

Green Morphin Master 

One of the Morphin Masters will have an active role in the last part of the series, which sees their return for the third time in the show. The Green Morphin Master was previously seen in the origin story along with the other 5 but also returned to fix the connection of these Rangers to the Morphin Grid by restoring the Dinohenge when it was destroyed. She is also seen in the trailer giving the Rangers a new power as a gift to help them in their fight. Here is the image of the Morphin Master in the trailer. 

It’s likely that she is acting alone as only the Green Morphin Master is frequently appearing. This is likely going to have repercussions, as it’s clear the Morphin Masters aren’t supposed to intervene this much. The Morphin Master also appears to be aiding the Ranger more, and it will be interesting to see what route the story will take. The best part of her teased scene is that we get to see a new addition to the Ranger arsenal that Sentai fans will recognize.  


As seen with the Green Morphin Master in the trailer, a new weapon has been presented, which is similar in design to the Chroma Fury Sabre that the Rangers use. The sword has yet to be given an official name, but Sentai fans will recognize it as the Ryusoul Calibur, which is a form of Super mode for the series. This new power-up will be similar to previous super modes seen in shows such as Power Rangers Super Samurai. Here is the image of the Green Morphin Master gifting the Rangers this new power-up weapon. 

It’s great that this sword will be added before the finale of the show, plus it’s awesome that the Morphin Master is the one to hand it to the Power Rangers. In the Sentai, the Red Ranger and Gold Ranger are the main users of the power-up form, which suits the story since they are both original knights from Rafkon. More will likely be revealed when the episode of its debut is made available. 

Lord Zedd Returns To Power Rangers

The resurrected villain is one of the biggest features in the latest show, as the antagonist is an iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers foe. The trailer sees the return of Lord Zedd approaching Void Queen and Void King in their base, but the teaser only shows a glimpse of this event. Lord Zedd was resurrected from the time before he married Rita Repulsa by Reaghoul in a previous episode but left Earth once he was free of a compliance collar. This means that the villain might be a major part of the final events in the last set of episodes. Here is the image featured in the trailer of Lord Zedd’s return to the show. 

Whether his return is only for Power Rangers Dino Fury, or the next series has yet to be revealed. However, fans should expect an interesting development of events when he comes back for revenge. It could be possible that he may be another foe to fight on the battlefield but could also force Void Queen to be his minion. Whether he will be the final foe in this show or transfer to the next series will be revealed in the last set of episodes. 

Power Rangers Dino Fury

Power Rangers Dino Fury will return on the 29th of September this year, with the remaining 11 episodes of the show. The show will be available on Netflix and via various broadcasters around the world.

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Source: Hasbro/eOne


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