Power Rangers Cosmic Fury To Release On Netflix Fall 2023: Exclusive

Power Rangers fans can expect Cosmic Fury to come to Netflix in Fall 2023.
Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will be the 30th season of the long-running Power Rangers franchise that has been on the air since 1993, with the show’s first season, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Now, The Illuminerdi can report on when fans can expect to see this highly anticipated season of Power Rangers.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will premiere exclusively on Netflix in late August to early September. The upcoming season will follow the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reunion special, which is expected to release on the service in April 2023.

Considering the season will be released after the special, it is possible that the two projects could be connected to each other. There have been plenty of photos of the original cast meeting up with the new cast, so it’s highly likely the two will cross paths at some point.


Cosmic Fury serves as the third season of the storyline that started with Power Rangers Dino Fury, which aired on Nickelodeon in 2021 and on Netflix from 2021-2022. The upcoming season will also keep the same cast from Dino Fury, which is the first time a cast has been brought back for a third season since the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers era.

As of now, not much else is known about Cosmic Fury; however, there are a few details that are known about the upcoming season.

What We Do Know About Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

We know that Cosmic Fury will use original fight footage for the Ranger battles, which is something we reported back in 2020. However, as of 2023, Hasbro is still planning to continue its partnership with Toei through Season 30 with the use of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger for the Megazord fight footage.

The new costumes for the Green, Gold, and Blue Rangers have been revealed. The suits are slightly updated from their appearances in Power Rangers Dino Fury by featuring new silver accents, a more basic design on the chest, and updated morphers/weapons. The suits also feature Power Rangers branding for the first time ever with the lightning bolt on the belt buckle.

At the end of the second season of Power Rangers Dino Fury, Zayto received a new White Ranger outfit. It is unclear if Zayto will continue to wear White or switch back to Red at some point, but we do know that it will be featured in some way, considering Cosmic Fury picks up directly from where Dino Fury left off.

We also know the current team of Rangers will clearly be going to space for new intergalactic adventures. We also know that Lord Zedd has returned for the third time and this is what sends the Rangers to space. This will be the third space-themed season and the first one since Power Rangers Lost Galaxy in 1999.

Lastly, we know that along with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reunion special, Cosmic Fury will be used to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show. Considering it seems like the season is set to air around the same time as National Power Rangers Day (August 28th), there seems to be no better time to celebrate.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury stars Russell Curry as Zayto the White/Red Ranger, Kai Moya as Ollie Akana the Blue Ranger, Hunter Deno as Amelia Jones the Pink Ranger, Tessa Rao as Izzy Garcia the Green Ranger, Chance Perez as Javi Garcia the Black Ranger, and Jordon Fite as Aiyon the Gold Ranger.

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